Thursday, December 24, 2009


Quite the debate has raged in my head over the last fews days as to wether I should again bother this year with a cheesey top ten release post. Last year, that is how I handled the post, this year though I think I'll just list a pile of records that really left a lasting impression. 2009 saw so many good releases, though in my opinion only a small percentage of them are really worthy of a mention here.

Mammoth Grinder- Extinction Of Humanity MLP
After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that while this record is virtually the cream of this years crop, the bands prior LP, 'Rage And Ruin' is better. The guitar tone with Extinction Of Humanity is fucking thick, but Chris' vocals get lost in the mix with the shoddy recording. Being an ep too, I don't feel the band really get to explore the full extent of their sound like the 6.33 minute dirge fest, 'God Is Stuck In A Black Hole' on the prior LP. A new full length in 2010 (fingers crossed) will surely make these guys number one with a bullet.

Converge- Axe To Fall LP
It's got it's skipper tracks but as a whole this is the best stuff the band has done since 'Jane Doe'. Better songs, better mix. And the two epic doom tracks at the end could quite possibly the best stuff they have ever done. Fuck the hype, fuck the scene kids, this is still great.

Hatred Surge- Deconstruct LP
Releasing rough as fuck stuff can be such a gamble, but Alex and co. pull it off great here. It sounds like it was recorded through a cup and string contraption, but it works perfectly. Less dirge styled PV, and more straight up crusty grind. Tour down under goddammit.

Urban Blight- s/t MLP
Raging Boston worship from... Canada. Straight up, simple, to the point. The best band doing this style of music period. Very rough sound, and it took me some time to warm to it, but I'm loving it no no end now.

Magrudergrind- s/t LP
A slightly new sound and direction, but in the end it's still grind as fuck with these guys. I had no doubt I'd love this LP, and I still spin it nearly ever day. Great band getting better.

Low Threat Profile- s/t 7"
At the time of writing this, I have had this 7" for barely 24 hours, and I have probably listened to it thirty times. If anything deserves the title of 'ripped my face off', it's this ep.

Mother Of Mercy- III LP
This one came to me as quite the surprise. To be honest I don't normally listen to much hardcore of this ilk, but there is something about this band and this LP that just tweaks my nipples. The dudes vox are flawless, and the mix is perfect. Moshy as fuck, but executed perfectly.

Possibly the most hyped album of 2009? I'd agree. End of the day though it is certainly worth the mention here. An epic in the true epic sense. This band gets better and better. You either get it or you don't (or you just buy into the hype).

Rival Mob- Raw Life MLP
I'd go as far to say that while this album is a killer, the bands radio set on WNYU from earlier in the year is better. Someone needs to bootleg it ASAP. NYHC worship from members of various Boston groups past and present. The best of this style since No Warning. New 7" on Six Feet Under in 2010.

Vaccine- Demo 7"
Wow. Spazzed out straight edge power violence. This is powerful. This is violent. Alot of hype, but all well deserved. Don't get me wrong when I use the spazzed reference. This isn't slapstick Spazz or Charles Broson bullshit, this is angry acid spitting hardcore. I did actually have a post for this record, but I lost it a few months back by accident. Maybe I'll re-up it at some point after christmas.

Downpresser- Age Of Ignorance 7"
Modern styled, groove based, mosh as fuck hardcore from Socal. Too many bands doing this style these days, and too many cocking it up. Downpresser don't cock it up though. In my opinion these guys don't get half of the attention that they deserve.

Extortion- splits with Septic Surge and Jed Whitey
You people should know me well enough to know that this band makes the list regardless.

I sit here having written this and I can't help but ponder wether that is it? Have I missed something? Maybe I have. Here's the shortlist of honourable mentions:

Every Time I Die- New Junk Aesthetic LP
Lewd Acts- Black Eye Blues LP
Nomos- Demo 7"
Brain Killer- s/t 7"
Abraxis CDEP
Rot In Hell/The Process split 7"
Graf Orlock- Destination Time: Today LP
Gluttons- s/t 7"
No Tolerance- Demo 7"
Bad Choice- Demo Tape
Bad Seed- s/t 7"
Fever- S.E.S. 7"
Knuckle Scraper- R.I.P. 7"
Minus- Demo
Get Destroyed- Burnt Offerings 7"
Raw Nerve- Teens In Heat 7" single
Pulling Teeth- Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions MLP

Hello 2010, bring on the new Extortion 10", demo 7" and limited 5", plus various comp releases. Hello new stuff by Rival Mob, Nomos, Innumerable Forms, California Love, Knife Fight, Sex Vid, Mind Eraser and Scapegoat.


futureprimative said...

"this isn't slapstick Spazz or Charles Bronson bullshit"... what a fucked up thing to say. extortion eat the shit of charles bronson and spazz, spazz are gods you chump, dont even get me started on converge or any of the other blunt magazine hardcore bands you jerk your dick to. mind eraser aint power violence and neither are you, ahahaha.

AKA Sean Is The Bastard said...

baha like im gonna sit here and be baited by some limp dick who obviously went to the trouble of starting a blogger profile solely just to give me some shit on a largely meaningless post.
go listen to your shitty spazz then pal. thanks for reading my blog!

Jay Sidetracked said...

Fever SES in the honorable mentions! Nice. I didn't play on the record but I played live. There is a recording of the singer just doing vocals and playing piano. It's creepy to say the least. It may come out someday, it may not.

BBQ sauce and then some said...

that 7" is amazing. pretty sure you and i have talked about it before. i still need a real copy of the gag reflex demo!