Sunday, April 28, 2013


The last post I made about Dublin's ZOM was more than a year ago when I spoke about their debut demo tape. Since then the band released another three songs in the form of another cassette in limited numbers for Hell's Pleasure Fest last year (never got a copy, somebody help me out), and now we've been cursed with their debut s/t EP pressed by Iron Bonehead. Two tracks that I (and I would assume that most) hadn't heard until now, but they both originally appeared on the previously mentioned limited cassette. With this record it seems that the band have certainly settled firmly into their purist death metal approach. All remnants and hints of members previous hardcore inclined projects are nothing more than a memory now, though I wouldn't necessarily say that that's such a good thing. Yes the recording on this thing is noticeably better quality than the demo, and Andy's vocals are drowned in even more reverb than before, but the stuff here just doesn't quite offer the hardcore punch that I enjoyed in earlier material. I also suspect that the reverb is used to mask the fact that Andy doesn't quite posses the chops vocally to front a big death metal band. Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy this, it's a great example of a modern approach to old sounding metal, I just suspect that if the band's members hadn't already set such a high bench mark with previous groups I would probably like this a lot more. It's possibly also got something to do with the fact that years of hardcore has ruined my attention span for the vast majority of dense music like this. It's only two songs though, who knows what a whole LP could bring.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Another great new band out of Boston is The Combat Zone and this is their demo tape released with the help of Twerp Records. A new bunch of young men playing a burly mix of traditional TIBNLA vibed hardcore perched over a pretty solid OI! base. Basic, catchy powerchords ride a simplistic mid-to-higher paced tempo, while all barking duties are handled by another angry Bostonian with a penchant for all things Choke. This thing actually reminds me a little bit of the Reckless Aggression Demo from a few years ago, except not as good, but recorded better. Willing to bet that these guys bite much the same influences that Meatdog and co. were riding when they penned the bulk of that tape. Good, solid hardcore.

Friday, April 26, 2013


New four track, s/t 7" from Arizona's now defunct noise pricks, Avon Ladies, pressed by Fashionable Idiots and Distort. Green wax. A band put together by Chris Ebra of H100s fame, I suppose this would be a record that you'd expect Dan of Distort to have a hand in pressing, given how heavily he's lauded Ebra and his many works over the years. The hardcore you get here probably isn't quite as A.D.D. as some of his previous bands, but just as sloppy, and with much the same attitude. Fans of that wider 90's scummy Clevo sound will certainly dig these guys, though there's a noticeably darker vibe going on here. As you'd expect from DX and co, minimalist packaging is the name of the game, with a 45 hole 7", and a simple folded, one sided sleeve. No inserts, no liner notes. Not even a track list.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


To top off the short run of Roskopp releases from the last few days, I've got the American band's split 7" with Doubled Over from Melbourne. Black vinyl, pressed by Give Praise, Psycho Control and Nuclear Ass Records. I'd have to say that this is my favourite of the American Roskopp's material. Again, it's relatively straight forward, no frills grindcore, but the recording is probably one of their better, and their vocalist is at the top of his game. Relentless blasts top it off. The Double Over side is also great. More great, no frills grind with a loud recording, this was the bands demo originally, then they put it to this split. And if it couldn't get any more confusing, Doubled Over's drummer, Christoph is actually the original drummer for the Australian Roskopp. This split was originally meant to be a Roskopp/Roskopp split 7" but then the Aus version broke up, so the work was turned over to Doubled Over.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Another Roskopp related release, this time the American incarnation's split 7" with Superbad. Pressed by Ragerizer! and 303 Records on black wax. To be honest I'm not really that interested in the Roskopp stuff, the recording is pretty pasable, though the Superbad side is much better. Both bands play pretty A-typical, minimalist grind here.

Monday, April 15, 2013


In terms of essential Australian grindcore, Melbourne's Roskopp would have to be near the top of the pile for me. For the longest time though, I didn't realise that there is actually two grind bands with the same name. One version managed to release this s/t 7" here, along with a split 7" with Agents Of Abhorrence (posted about here a few years ago) and a CD LP, then they broke up. For those who may not know (like I didn't), the remaining records released by the band of this name have been released by the band from Colorado, who are still active. Anyway, as far as I can tell, this is a recent repress on black with green smudges, pressed by Crucificados Records. This was originally meant to be a demo, but Crucificados liked it so much that they approached the band about pressing it to wax. Six tracks of loud, crushing grind, recorded at the bands rehearsal space back in 2005. They also do a brilliant job at a Phobia cover.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Since my last bout of posts concerning Polish grind freaks, Suffering Mind, they've been somewhat busy. Four releases since then and recording for something like an additional eight, these guys would be one of the more prolific groups within grindcore. This is their latest EP, the "Gates Of Suffering" 5" on green wax of 500 copies, and with a gatefold sleeve. Released by Crucificados, 625 Thrash and I Feel Good Records. New EP may be a bit of a misleading statement though, as there's only one new song here, the opener, "Bramy Cierpienia", the remaining four tracks originally appearing on the bands ultra limited s/t 2" and "Death To False Grind" 3" records from a few years back. Those familiar with the band will know exactly what to expect here: ruthless, no frills GRIND. Nothing more.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Byron's blast tyrants, Shackles continue with their relentless sabotage of the popular Australian hardcore scene with this brand new s/t 12" EP. Clear wax of 100 copies, again pressed by Arrest Records Australia. Further proving that you don't need to play some moshed up wigga core to gain popularity in this countries mainstream scene (though I'd say that the band is likely only one of two current examples of this), the band delve further into their messier tendencies with this new music, utilising what could possibly be their roughest recording to date, thanks in large part to the filth drenched mastering job courtesy of Will Killingsworth. It would seem that newish drummer Ben's superior blasting abilities also contribute a crucial factor in the bands clearly growing penchant for the hastier and dirtier. Their best stuff yet, I am very interested to hear the new 7" they have due on Urbn Rage Records in the next few months.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Debut s/t 7" from Toronto sluggers, Violent Future. Black vinyl of the wider press, put together by Slasher Records. More of what you'd expect from this band; mid paced, 1-2-1-2, blue collar hardcore. Not quite up to the quality of the bands demo, but it's good enough.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


There's hardly much point trying to find new qualities to cover when posting about new Vaccine records. From their demo, through a number of EP and (one) split releases, to this new 7" of theirs, "Dead Inside", they haven't progressed an inch from their original patented brand of furious, whirlwind, blast violence. Here's the American, Painkiller Records press of the EP on black vinyl. As I've mentioned maybe a couple times in the past on here, I question how much longer a band of this nature can continue before participants get to the point where they're stuck for new ideas. I can't imagine this band ever being able to put enough material together for a full length. As it stands now, though they've penned something in the vicinity of 35 tracks, total recorded output barely extends beyond a total of 15 minutes, all of it of the fantastically violent, cyclonic, brutal persuasion.  It seems somewhat appropriate then that before ever getting the chance to 'progress artistically' and go on to ruin their brilliantly nasty reputation, the band have actually decided to call it quits, having played their final show a few weeks back. One more post mortem release is due, in the form of a split 7" record with No Faith in the coming weeks.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I didn't dig too much on the Perspex Flesh demo tape from last year. Everyone seemed to go on about it, but something about the recording just didn't seem right to me. I didn't really expect to develop much more interest in the band beyond that either, but I've been massively surprised by, and become more or less obsessed with this new 7" of theirs, "Ona". Initial press in an addition of 500 copies on this grey smudge thing, put together by Video Disease Records. I'd hope most people would be at least familiar with this band; misanthropic, dense, ugly hardcore from Leeds, with a stark outsider vibe. They certainly take initial cues from a handful of the more weirdo USHC groups of the early 80's, but they also include a real individual, deranged sound of their own. Some stark, uneasy lyrics complete the package and manage to take the vibe even further. New LP due at some point this year too, everyone would be better off for keeping an ear out for it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As crappy as Pitchfork are, they hinted at some kind of value today when they posted a new track from the upcoming Bone Sickness MLP, "Alone In The Grave". This thing is due out by month's end. Mastery.


Around five or six years ago, a brilliant band from Newcastle, NSW, OZ existed by the name of Faux Hawks. Listening to Monday's post matter in the Idle Minds/Aids split has put me on a bit of a FH bender over the last few days. They only released a split 7" with CBR heavyweights, Hard Luck, and an EP on a 3" CD and tape. I can't find any of their stuff online anywhere, and I never hear anyone talk about them any more. Such a shame, the stuff they did manage to record was so fucking great. Which is why I upped the EP for your download pleasure. the Intro is such a mosh fest. Very great Australian hardcore.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Following a demo tape last year, Spain's Altercado Espiritual return with a new EP that I guess would be considered the Demo 7". Pressed by Stomp Records and Discos Espirituales, what you get here is all but one track from that tape in the exact same recording, plus three new tracks from the same sessions. As I mentioned last time, this stuff is just balls out, Boston '82 styled hardcore with a massive Spanish vibe. Some lyrics in English, some in Spanish (which is obviously where I get that vibe from).

The guys in the band were also kind enough to throw in this version with the limited sleeve. Not sure of the numbers or anything of the like.You get the reference right?

Monday, April 1, 2013


While grabbing the previous subject matter, the Hailgun 7", last week when they were up here playing shows, again, on a whim I grabbed this split 7" between the two other bands that were along for the tour, Idle Minds and Aids. Black wax pressed by Unwound Records. Pretty cool Pettibon-esque artwork by Ahmad Oka. Again, both of these bands play a pretty straight forward, break neck thrash very much akin to Hailgun. Idle Mind manage though to do a reasonably cool job of it, with their recording maintaining that perfect balance of fidelity and fuzz. They also break it up a little with a pretty low/mid tempo stomper later in the track list. The song in question actually reminds me considerably of the Intro track on the 3" CD that the mighty Faux Hawks released years ago. Just that driving, harsh stomp.
On the flip, Aids, having committed their side of this record to analogue with the same engineer in the same recording spot (presumably around the same time), don't quite hit the quality that their split-mates have managed to. Again, they play a very singular, up tempo style of hardcore, but their songs just don't carry the weight that Idle Minds have managed to develop with theirs. The singer also at times seems to utilise a rather high pitch vocal style, and at times while jamming their side, I've found myself questioning wether I'm actually listening to a bit of a manly sounding woman, or a womanly sounding man.