Friday, May 12, 2017


Shipwrecked- 2nd s/t 7" (PST)
First Pressing, 2017
Clear Vinyl /??

Via a limited release schedule over the course of the last 13 years, Norway's Shipwrecked have managed to build a pretty enviable following amongst the Hardcore underground and elite. I thought they were all but done until they announced a single show in the US this year and this EP to accompany it. Three new trax of what anyone familiar with any of their previous material would hope for- hard boiled Hardcore informed pretty heavily by Boston '82. Arguably, they've been setting the standard for what a modern band of this type should be playing for years now and this record does nothing to detract from that.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Chest Pain- "Weltschmerz" LP (To Live A Lie)
First Pressing, 2014
Black Vinyl /500

A record that I have been sitting on for a few years now, the first LP from Austin's Chest Pain. Pretty technically proficient and accurate Slap A Ham worship stuff with all of the modern approach and touches. Really these guys are a band that I should be massively fond of, and I bought this record based mostly on that idea, but I must say that I can't really get into it as much as I do some of their contemporaries (Vile Intent springs to mind most). I think it may be the recording presented here, and most notably the ugly reverb on the vocals, it just hasn't stuck with me as much as I would have expected it to.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Battle Ruins- 2017 Promo Cassette
First Edition, 2017

New three track promo cassette from Boston Oi!/Viking Metal/Hardcore behemoth, Battle Ruins. Exceptional presentation from this band as always; three ugly, surly battle hymns, that revolve around a mid tempo stomp with plenty of hooks and B. Radians signature raspy vocals. I read somewhere late last year that this thing is to be regarded as a promo to an upcoming 7".
Released recently at their second and (apparently) final show in Boston, a handful were secured by the ever authoritative Rain On The Parade Records for sale to the Australian public only. Sold out everywhere.

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