Saturday, April 25, 2015


Severe- "Distorted Views" Promo Tape
First Edition, 2014

The full vinyl edition of this tape has been released in the last few weeks, but this is the promo cassette for the "Distorted Views" 12" by Severe, self released t the end of last year. Meat 'n' potatoes hardcore from Toronto that's just done very well. Fast bits, stomp bits and some excellent vocals. Not a heap else to say really, except for the fact that I'll try and get my hands on the wax version soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Survival- "Forged In Iron" 7" (New Instinct/Powered)
First Press, 2014
Blue Vinyl /200

I was initially attracted to this EP by the excellent artwork. Obvious references to the work of K. Crowley and then later Spoiler would indicate the kind of music to expect here; Meat and Potatoes Hardcore that pays obvious homage to weighty NYHC all the way back to The Abused and similar. Survival though hail from the other side of the pond- Manchester in the North of England, yet they segregate themselves from the current crop of NWOBHC in favour of  slightly more professional recording. Generally speaking I don't always find much interest in stuff of such polish, but these songs are just so catchy, I find it impossible not spin this over and over. They recorded a demo and an EP before this one and to be honest, both of those initial releases are absolutely horrendous. Just stick with this record.