Saturday, September 27, 2014


Violent Reaction- "Dead End" 7" (Rain On The Parade) 
First Australian press, 2014 
Black Vinyl /200
Test Press /13

New Australian pressing of the latest Violent Reaction EP thanks to Rain On The Parade Records from Canberra. New artwork by Australian hardcore stalwart Brett Eberhard. I've spoken about the UK press, and the US press previously.

Thomo from ROTP was also kind enough to send me a copy of a test press too, complete with Rose Tattoo rip off cover of 13 copies.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Magic Circle- "Scream Evil b/w Lighting Her Fire" 7" Single (Hell Massacre)
Second Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /500

The mastery of Magic Circle has been covered extensively on multiple blogs and websites over the last 18 months. Various members of the very prolific Boston hardcore nu-scene giving the long hairs a serious lesson in Doom Metal of the highest order. Their debut LP was arguably one of the best albums to surface in 2013. This is a recent reissue of their first single originally pressed in very limited numbers in 2012. Until this version came about, original copies of that first press were selling for dumb numbers on Discogs and the like, Hell Massacre's decision to reissue this has stemmed that to an extent. This version has been pressed from the same stamps as the original, the largest difference with this one being a printed sleeve with artwork. The original was released in only a dust sleeve. Two songs as the title suggests, the lead track appearing on the LP, the B side only being made available here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Caged Grave- "Swallow // Unforgiven" 5" (Asbestos Death)
First Edition, 2014
Black, Lathe Cut 47/50

Melbourne's Caged Grave and Asbestos Death Records from Perth continue their respective assaults on Australian hardcore with this freshly released 5". Lathe cut to a number of 50 copies only, it sold out in around a day. Two tracks that run in at less than two minutes in total, the first has existed since the end of 2013 as a download on the groups band camp page, the second first saw the light of day as an inclusion on a recently released power violence tape compilation in Europe. Those familiar with and fond of the band already know what to expect; indignant, resentful, misanthropic hyper blast driven hardcore. Being a hand cut product, the tracks are slightly roughened, but that does nothing to dampen the mood, if anything it suits it perfectly. May the band and the record label continue their grisly barrage on the Australian music landscape.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Castigated Records just made available to order the debut demo tape, "Life Is Corrupted" from Brisbane's Shitgrinder. Members of Shackles and Idylls playing abhorrent grind violence.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Contaminated- "Pestilential Decay" Cassette (Self Released)
First Editon, 2014

Contaminated from Melbourne are a down-tuned Death Metal act of the Finnish variety. Previously a one man effort, L.M. has recently relinquished drumming responsibilities to Christoph Winkler, skinsman for various current and previous Melbourne Grindcore groups. Obvious lineage could be drawn back to bands of the late 80's and early 90's like Abhorrence and Demi God, and in the context of the majority of the more hardcore orientated stuff covered on this blog, very obvious comparisons could be made to Boston's Innumerable Forms. Fans of that band would surely find something to enjoy about Contaminated. Heavy, slow, guttural Death Metal, peppered with blasts beats. This is the bands debut release. Four ungodly cuts in under 20 minutes or so. More stuff to follow soon I have heard.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Eternal Champion- "The Last King Of Pictdom b/w War At The Edge Of The End" 7" Single (Hell Massacre)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /500

Austin's Eternal Champion are a band that have been receiving regular repeated plays on my iPod for the better part of 13 months now. I briefly spoke about them last year following my discovery of the digital version of their debut demo tape, "The Last King Of Pictdom". I missed the release of the hard copy of that tape and I've been searching for it ever since. Hell Massacre (Painkiller imprint) Records has just released the vinyl pressing of the demo so it fills that need for a material copy of this music for now.
It is worth noting that the singer for this band is Jason Tarpey, the vocalist of now defunct Texas cross over legends Iron Age. As I mentioned last time I spoke about the band though, the evolution that Tarpey's vocals have taken between the two groups is substantial and Eternal Champion's brand of Epic Heavy Metal is more or less completely removed from the experimental thrash that Iron Age made their swan song with. Though there's only two songs on offer here, to me this thing is certainly the pic of the recent batch of stuff that PKR just released, and it's a strong contender for my favourite EP of the year. A split with Gatekeeper is due early next year.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Peacebreakers/Waste Management/Boston Strangler- "Stompilation" Cassette (Stupid)
First Edition, 2014

Boston Strangler, Peacebreakers and Waste Management did a short tour of the UK a couple of months back, and as part of the tour, Stupid Records did a small run of this "Stompilation" cassette, a three way split between each of the bands. There was only two shows on the tour as far as I know, so they didn't sell everything, so Static Shock Records put some up for order in their webstore a few weeks back. I grabbed a copy.
New music from all bands. Six previously unreleased tracks from the Stranglah, plus a Waste Management cover. Two new tracks from Peacebreakers, a re-recording of one of their demo tracks, and a handful of live tracks. And three new jams from Waste Management, along with a few re-recordings of songs from each of the EP's, and a Cause For Alarm cover.
Pretty solid release if just for the new music from each of the bands. The BS tracks are of the rather rough variety and I'd wager that they'll end up being on the bands next LP. The new PB songs sound like left overs from the EP recording sessions, and all the WM stuff is excellent, with the re-recordings being of arguable better quality than their original versions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Violent Reaction- "Dead End" 7" (Painkiller) 
First US press, 2014 
Random 'Camo' Vinyl /200

The US version of the latest Violent Reaction "Dead End" EP finally arrived after various delays. Same music as the UK version, just differing artwork and flimsy-ass gloss paper glued sleeve and low grade wax. I prefer this artwork though. Camo vinyl, and what discogs labels as 'Range in color from gray marble to a puke green colour.' Australian pressing due soon on Rain On The Parade Records. New LP on Revelation eventually.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Suffer- Discography 2007-2012 Tape (Asbestos Death)
First Edition, 2014
Screened Cover 25/30

Straight forward really, the final release for Perth's mighty Suffer, their discography tape, produced by Blayke White and his excellent new label, Asbestos Death. This collects all released material from the band plus a few extra tracks. Being that I got a little lazy with the group towards the end of it's life and missed their final cassette release, this has been a good way for me to catch up with unheard material. 151 tapes in total, 30 copies with this limited screened cover. Blayke seems to be on a roll at the moment with a handful of excellent releases under his belt, and more great stuff on the way.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Oblivionation- "Language Of Violence" LP (Antitodo)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /250

Following on from the previous post, this is the latest offering from Massachusetts' Oblivionation. Their debut long player, "Language Of Violence", this is the Spanish pressing committed by Antitodo Records, and I'm almost entirely positive that Rock n Roll Disgrace were to be handling the US version of this album, but it's been months now since this version's been available, and even longer since I've heard any talk about the US pressing.
A premium offering by any standards, though I'm certainly struggling to maintain my initial excitement that developed following the bands demo. The recording faults I referenced with their previous EP in my last post have been addressed, but all ten songs here sound exactly the same, with the same intensity, and the same tempo, and the same lyrical themes, and following an entire catalogue of songs that are built around the exact same model, I've certainly found it a challenge not losing interest before having to flip this record over. In small bursts it's good, but it doesn't warrant full or repeated listens from me. With that said, I respect the shit out of any band that's willing to play such a style that's so out of trend with current hardcore tastes.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Oblivionation- "Cult Of Culture" 7" (Man In Decline)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /335

Newish EP from Oblvionation, "Cult Of Culture" following their excellent demo tape from 2012. I was really looking forward to new material from this band, and while this record is of a very high standard in relative terms, it doesn't really stand up to the excellence of the demo. I think the biggest problem is the recording; it's just not as loud and as punchy as the earlier material. All the attitude is there though, the energy in the musicianship and excellent lyricism is all present, it just isn't conveyed as well.
This is the wider American pressing from Man In Decline Records on black wax. Two limited colours on yellow and maroon were also pressed and various reports getting around detail how the pressing is 'noisy' and the sound isn't good at all thanks to various faults of the pressing plant. My black version seems to sound fine in those respects though. People may suggest that my issues with this EP are a result of the bad pressing, but I don't think so. The MP3's that the band put up on the bandcamp sound just the same.
A European pressing was handled by Hardware Records on white and black vinyl, and last I heard, MID were planning on re-pressing this US version at a new plant with a better quality end result. I haven't heard anything more about that though. Following this EP they released a full-length ("Language Of Violence", of which I will post about next) but over the last few months the band have more or less completely resigned from any kind of online presence so it's hard to tell what else they have planned this year. Their last post on Facebook back in March explained how they were writing for another release entitled "Eyes On You".

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Battle Ruins- S/T 12" (Rock n Roll Disgrace)
First Press, 2014
Clear Vinyl 49/100

I think it would be reasonable to say that the excitement surrounding the new s/t 12" release from Boston's Battle Ruins has been documented extensively over the last six months on various blogs and websites. I wasn't a fan of the bands previous EP so when the promo tape release for this album surfaced in a hard copy and mp3 format last year I completely missed/ignored the boat. The two excellent tracks that were presented on that tape initiated a frenzy for those that missed out but I avoided committing the big bucks required to get second hand copies.
I did manage to snare one of these clear copies of the full album with screened red cover and screened poster limited to 100 copies when Rock n Roll Disgrace put them up for order back in May though. It required setting an alarm at something like 2am, but I got it. Word has it that this sold out in less than a minute and I know it's now fetching figures beyond $200 on various sales websites. And it's not hype. This is the real deal. It's the most original and seamless combination of hardcore, Oi!, and power metal that's ever been done. And it's easily the best long player over the last three years, if you can call seven tracks in barley 21 minutes a long player.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Friends of mine play in a local Grindcore band called Coffin Birth. I posted about their demo tape not too long ago. Well they've just upped their new EP, "Necrotic Liquefaction" on their band camp for free download. 9 tracks. Solid stuff.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Twitching Tongues- In Love There Is No Law LP
First Press, 2013
Black Vinyl /900

Before this band's tour of Australia was announced earlier this year, I had never bothered listening to Twitching Tongues. For whatever reason, I always had this idea in my head of what they sounded like. I think I based these ideas on the cover art of this album of theirs, "In Love There In No Law", and some of the bands they tend to tour with in the States. One night I was driving with a mate and he had this album playing but I didn't know it was them. I was more or less instantly attracted to the thick and heavy thug mosh that I was hearing. Generally I don't get into new bands doing this style, but I found myself enjoying this quite a bit. So obviously I found out who the band were and looked into them more.
This is their second long player from 2013, following a much rougher 12" from the year before. Recorded by some members of the band, it comes across as a reasonably polished production, without being overdone. Without getting too descriptive, at it's core, this is relatively ignorant, moshy hardcore, held together by a crooning vocalist, and a lot of excellent, tasteful hooks. That combination makes it a little hard to compare to anything else, but I'd say these guys are likely drawing strongest influences from 90's bands like Biohazard, Life Of Agony and Only Living Witness (from where they take their name I would assume). There's also a locked groove on the B side that spins outwards that contains a 'secret' cover of the excellent SMD by the legendary Carnivore. To be honest, that was the thing that really clenched it for me. I love Carnivore.
Nothing but good things to say about this album really, except for the one fact that the mastering used on this platter lacks MASSIVELY in the bottom end. I've only recently obtained this record, up until then I'd been jamming MP3's, and after a few months of that, noticing the difference in levels is completely unavoidable. Bit of a shame, and I can imagine that it may be a little detracting for those hearing the band for the first time via this format.