Sunday, October 27, 2013


Australian Grind Supremacy. Agents Of Abhorrence are rightful holders of the copyright and I doubt anyone would contest it. This is their latest effort following a rather lengthy quiet period, their new LP, "Relief". Anything but quiet, I'd argue that this is certainly the bands strongest effort to date. It's monstrously loud, unhinged, and ridiculously brutal. It rarely gets better than this. Gold browny wax type thing, pressed by none other than 625 Thrash and Psychocontrol Records. Blow you head off.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I had intended to make individual posts for each of the tapes here, but following a reasonable amount of effort to try and understand and better appreciate these new demos from Velvet Whip and Dribble, both from Melbourne, I've decided that it's not worth my time or effort. If there was ever a town in Ostralia that these two bands would spawn from, it would certainly be Melbourne. Clearly I don't get it, clearly these guys are trying to Alienate the regular punk public, like me and people like me, because all this sounds like is noisy, talentless, fuzzed out dross. It's like they're trying to edge out the edgy or something. Of course, I implore everyone to make their own decision here, but I'm not feeling it at all. There's good, well planned, well executed outsider kind of punk, and then there's this stuff. Do what you will.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Three years ago I posted about a reissue of the 2008 demo tape from great Melbourne Youth Crew band Can't Relate. As far as I know, the band never released anything other than that original tape, played some shows and then broke up. A reissue was made by a Euro label post mortus, and now a vinyl version has been committed by two entities, Ugly And Proud Records, and Positive And Focused Records. Not sure really how totally necessary this format really is, but I had to grab it. This recording was pretty cool at the time, and I still enjoy it every now and then. Really simplistic delivery here; a plain white card sleeve with the front being a sticker that has been applied after the fact. White vinyl of some limited amount I think.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Debut demo from new Melbourne heathens, Caged Grave. Many elements swell of Vaccine rip off with this, but it's extremeley well done for an Australian band and the recording is absolutely spot on for this style of music. Thoroughly surprised by how good this is, and I really look forward to further out put.