Monday, December 31, 2012


The 15+ year mystery that surrounds the band Manpig has finally been unveiled. Reportedly originally recorded back in the mid 90's, only for the masters to be literally lost by the recording studio, this LP, "The Grand Negative" presents new(ish) versions of the original songs, rerecorded sporadically throughout the noughties. Released just in the last few weeks by Deep 6 Records, I am unsure of the pressing details, but you can see my copy came on red and black splatter. Artwork by Rohan Harrison. Comprised of two central characters; Matt Domino on guitars and vocals, and RD Davies on drums, you could certainly be forgiven for possibly mistaking this music for new Infest or Low Threat Profile material. Matt's vocals have a surprisingly similar feel to those of Denunzio and the recording qualities more or less mirror both of the LTP releases so far. Obviously the music has that stark speedcore feel that later Infest and LTP rely so heavily on too. This isn't powerviolence. After so much intrigue and excitement for such a long time, I'd argue that it's a bit of a stretch to state that this album really lives up to all of the hype it's managed to develop, but with that said, it's still a very good release, and better than the LTP LP, thank fuck.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Brand new EP, "Termini Terrae" from Northie Holy Terror degenerates Rot In Hell. Pressed by Dwid Hellion's rejuvenated label, Dark Empire Records, on two colours of 100 each; white vinyl, and this blue variation. Artwok by the always top notch Give Up. This new 7" marks the first 'small record' release from the band that isn't a split record since their demo was put to vinyl back in 2008 (discounting the Úlfhéðinn 7", there were only 30 of those things pressed, someone hook me up BTW). This EP also marks the introduction of new vocalist, everyone's favourite, Lecky of Voorhees fame. I think a lot of people were convinced that the band was more or less over when it was announced that Nate was departing, his style was so definable and so geared towards that perfect Holy Terror metallic hardcore sound, but Lecky has done a brilliant job filing the void and I will go out on a limb here and say that these four songs are probably my favourite from the band since the demo. Possibly their loudest and most energetic recording to date, Lecky's pipes are just in top notch for a guy of his age and history. Essential hardcore for what's left of 2012.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


New yellow press of the RSR version of the Extortion/Jed Whitey split. Chalk it up.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


New tape from Chicago's own Skrapyard. I really don't feel that these guys got the attention they deserved with their last demo tape, but this new mix tape should see that change. Treading on with their tried and true formula of pretty burly NYHC sound mixed with a very solid mid west vibe and a good dose of Oi! to boot, the recording on this thing sees the band playing with a massive blown out sound amazingly similar to the later Urban Blight recordings. Five originals (including a couple of the songs from the demo re-recorded) plus two great covers, this tape serves as a really good build up to their supposed LP that's due next year on Youth Attack. Can't wait. One of the best bands playing this style in the US at the moment. Australian release of this cassette due on Rain On The Parade Records in the coming weeks.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Before a few months ago I had no idea this record even existed. One day I just happened to stumble across Kyle Whitlow's blog post about his early Terror records, saw this EP included, and decided I'd hunt it down. This is the first Terror vinyl release, the "Don't Need Your Help/Push It Away" 7" single pressed by Takeover Records back in 2002. 1000 copies, all on clear vinyl. Obviously both of these songs reappeared on the bands debut album on B9 Records a year later in a new, bigger recording, so I suspect that unless you're a firm Terror collector nerd, you probably don't need this record. Now I am no Terror collector nerd, but I certainly love this early, stripped down Terror. Simple recording, simple ideas. I also love the early aesthetic that the band employed with many of their releases back then; iconic yellow TERROR logo in caps with a black and white live photo backing. Can't beat it really. The band have a new album due next year and Reaper Records have recently launched orders for a new 7" single, "Hard Lessons", to help build hype for it. I suspect that I'll have a copy to post about in the coming weeks.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


As I've documented a couple of times recently, Earache Records seem to be on a bit of a reissue binge at the moment, pressing a number of albums from their early catalogue that were either previously long out of print, or never actually available on vinyl. All the early Napalm Death stuff is currently seeing the spotlight again, as the two Iron Monkey long players finally receive the vinyl treatment too. Another prominent and much touted release from this year is this reissue of the previously massively hard to obtain sophomore Bolt Thrower LP, "Realm Of Chaos". As far as I know, the entire press is sold out at this point, while this colour here, "eye of terror purple" of 100 copies disappeared in roughly 10 minutes. Previously a prime contender for one of the top records on my want list for a long time,  I was up at something ridiculous like 3am to grab this LP when it went up for sale in the Earache Euro webstore.
Completely revised artwork from the 1989 original press of this record, attributed entirely to various licensing quarrels with the Warhammer fantasy gaming company, this new spread was created from scratch by original Warhammer artist John Sibbick, the fellow who also penned the work for the first version. In terms of theme, the spread here isn't entirely removed from that OG work; depictions of a futuristic war ridden landscape, employing similar characters and colours. Though original copies of this album consistently sell for upwards of $70-$80 in places like eBay and Discogs, I wouldn't argue with someone if they wanted to sell (or give) me one, first press artwork being the prime motivating factor.
I would be curious to know what the band think of this Earache reissue. As far as I know, they don't take any royalties from Earache reissues like this, due to various contractual loopholes. As dodgy as it may be, it's also time for the label to reissue At The Gates and Entombed (fingers crossed, I'd love some crisp copies of those bands records).

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Another popular band from Boston with nothing more than a demo under their belt are Intent with this "No Rules" demo tape. Featuring members of a handful of other well known Boston bands, these guys sound a hell of a lot like Free Spirit (with whom they share members apparently), just not as interesting. Pretty prominent mid/late 80's NYHC vibe ala Straight Ahead, NYC Mayhem, Breakdown etc.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


New demo tape, "Iron Skulls" from newish Melbourne band, Reincarnation. Pretty obvious late 80's NYHC worship ala "Best Wishes" era Cro Mags. Not sure of the story, but this band is comprised of some members (or possibly the bulk) of another Melbourne band who've managed to garner a bit of attention in the last 18 months, Ill Vision. I haven't heard that band so I wouldn't be able to tell you how it differs. This thing though has a somewhat individual approach (relatively speaking in terms of a lot of other bands from Victoria at the moment), most apparent in the vocalists approach. Certainly channelling a fair bit of Flanagan in his style, while also incorporating heaps of those little flicks that JJ used so well on "Age Of Quarrel". I suspect fans of a lot of harder, cleaner sounding Australian bands will find interest in this demo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is the first of two new 7"s from Toronto's Purity Control, "Coping". Limited white wax pressed by High Anxiety Records and No Idea Records, the EP that's to follow this, "Adjusting" is due in the next few weeks directly from the band themselves. The cleanest recording that they have employed so far, the tracks here see them making a vast progression onwards from the simplistic powerviolence styles of their two previous demo tapes. Fear not, they still put to use an intense blast beat offset by slower bits approach, but with this EP, the blasts are faster, verging on grindcore, and the slow bits are more methodical and groove based, relying less on sludge driven dirge. Payson is now in sole control of all vocals, and his higher pitched chords on their own certainly detract from the mentioned PV styles of old too. The band are now drawing less from an obvious Crossed Out influence, and relying far more on their own individual approach. It might also be worthy of mention that the band had this thing mixed by Will Killingsworth, so it's got a pretty razor sharp, loud sound going on too. Fans of the things that Mr. K has been involved with over the last few years will probably like this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


To be honest I don't even remember how I caught wind of Mutilation Rites from Brooklyn. I don't often go searching for new Black Metal as most of it I can't develop any kind of real interest in. These guys though have grabbed my attention in the last few weeks with their new LP, "Empyrean". Following a demo tape, a couple of 12" EP's, and a split 7" with fellow Brooklyn natives, Battilus, this new LP sees the band employing a pretty a-typical modern American black metal approach akin to a handful of the more well known bands of the moment; WITTR, Woe etc. Six tracks in about 35 minutes, all with a pretty slick recording, the band employ relatively shorter song structures that feature lots of melody, tremolo picking, 1-2-1-2 drum patterns, and high end vocal shrieks. Every now and then they mix it up a bit when they slow it down for the odd breakdown or bridge, something that pleases the punk in me with my shorter attention span. To suit the music, the packaging and presentation is also of the ultra slick variety. Nice, thick, firm vinyl. Glossy, thick, stiff gatefold sleeve with fantastic artwork.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Buncha tapes recently procured from Dustin at Look Alive Records, these are a selection of new CS releases that he has recently been associated with. First up is the new demo tape from The Uk's Paranoid. Fast, HARDcore with a pretty Think I Care vibe. 25 copies only.

Next, the new tape from Harbringer out of Florida, "Opinion Nation". Raging metallic hardcore with a  really cool Merauder/All Out War/Buried Alive vibe. Clean, heavy recording and a really gruff sounding vocalist. I can see this stuff setting pits alight. 

Demo tape from Sharpshooter from The Jeresy Shore. Very nerdy, blatant early Lockin Out vibe here akin to something like Dumptruck and The Jaguarz. Australians will likely find similarites to our own Jungle Fever also. Mosh bits, goofy vocals, fast breaks, chilled vibes.

And this next one I have zero details on. I think they're called In Justice System but I can't find any details on them anywhere. Gruff hardcore that doesn't seem to have a huge amount of direction. Crunchy guitars punctuate mid to fast paced tempos with yelled vocals. I keep thinking of early Outbreak with a slightly harder edge when I listen to this.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Latest EP from Minnesota's Brain Tumors, "Fuck You Forever". Black vinyl pressed very recently by Deranged Records. Pretty typical of a lot of the Deranged roster, what you get here is pretty snotty, relentless, loud hardcore punk. They seem to draw from a relatively wide range of influences, but the best way to describe them I suppose would be to parallel them to the bulk of the TIBNLA line up witha  bit more of an outsider kind of vibe. This record follows a full length from earlier this year and an EP from 2011.

Friday, December 7, 2012


New demo from Sydney's Oily Boys put out by Disinfect Records. Someone told me that these guys didn't originally set out to create a hardcore band, but this sounds pretty core to me. Mushy, delayed recording with a pretty Omega's weirdo vibe thanks in part to the similar guitar tone employed. One of the better demos of the year.