Sunday, December 23, 2012


New tape from Chicago's own Skrapyard. I really don't feel that these guys got the attention they deserved with their last demo tape, but this new mix tape should see that change. Treading on with their tried and true formula of pretty burly NYHC sound mixed with a very solid mid west vibe and a good dose of Oi! to boot, the recording on this thing sees the band playing with a massive blown out sound amazingly similar to the later Urban Blight recordings. Five originals (including a couple of the songs from the demo re-recorded) plus two great covers, this tape serves as a really good build up to their supposed LP that's due next year on Youth Attack. Can't wait. One of the best bands playing this style in the US at the moment. Australian release of this cassette due on Rain On The Parade Records in the coming weeks.

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