Monday, June 19, 2017


Sheer Terror- "Just Can't Hate Enough" LP (Blackout!)
Reissue, 2016
Black Vinyl /?? 

I've wanted a copy of this record for myself for years and years but original copies have always just seemed to elude me for this reason or that (and they also sell for quite a lot on discogs and the like). It was finally repressed lat year by Blackout records with some added live tracks. Overall package is a bit different to the original, but the title track is one of the greatest NYHC songs of all time and it's included here so it's all cool with me.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


NYC Headhunters- "The Rage Of The City" 7" (Painkiller)
First Pressing, 2016
Green Vinyl /200

Though I only secured this earlier this year, the debut record from NYC Headhunters made my best of list for 2016 and it's seriously fucking good. As you'd expect, just straight forward, loud and burly NY inspired hardcore from Boston. Possibly one of my most spun records in recent times.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Shackles "Lifeless Paradise" 10" (Resist)
First Pressing, 2017
Black and Red Vinyl /100

I've covered Shackles and their progression as a band pretty extensively on this blog over the years and it's been interesting to track that gradual mutation in that time. Over the years their focus has certainly sharpened and they've become a solid example of a hard working Australian Hardcore band. And with that I'd say that this latest 10" EP of theirs could be their largest progression between releases. They're still tapping the tried and true blast laden heavy hardcore method, but coupled with an obviously (and likely deliberately) less polished recording effort, this could probably be interpreted as their most 'punk' effort to date.

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