Monday, March 23, 2009

New Wax

When my blog isn't being hijacked by my girlfriend, it's being used to post about my records... the following being a prime example...

Taipan 7" on black. The demo wasn't half bad, but I think the main reason I grabbed this is just because they're Australian.

Same goes for this black Repoman 7". Probably more-so just bought this because of the home shore factor.

I hate how some guys need to collect every colour of every band. Extortion are the only band I do this with, and anyway (perhaps luckily?), it's not like they do a million variants of each ep. I had the AOA split on clear, I just needed it on blue.

Crude 7" on black. I'll be seeing these guys in May when I see Mind Eraser. They'll be doing support in Boston. Cool Japanese d-beat influenced hardcore.

Pathetic Human/Collapsed Toilet Vietnam split cassette tape. CTV fucking suck (pretentious, wanky, "experimental" grindcore), but I like PH (psychedelic, messy hardcore) .

California Love "Can't Waste Death" LP. Black wax. Hectic PV/Grind/Crust from you guessed it... California (man I wish I could say something like New York or Detroit).
Enjoying this insert artwork. Dudes head isn't on the bed... it's all over it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tear Gas Demo Upload

Not my link, but I had a dude ask me recently about uploading the Tear Gas demo tape. Well since it sold out, the band themselves put it up for download. So get it if you know what's good for you. It's shit hot.

Extortion shirt

Everybody that I know who saw me in this shirt today cringed. :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

50 Lions 2nd s/t 7"

Got this today. Red wax /100. Alot of douche bag kids seem to think that this limited colour may fetch them some good cash down the track. I'd assume that they're basing this idea on the large dollar sums the bands first 7" goes for these days. They think they're smart. I think they're idiots.

A) That first s/t 7" has somewhat of a 'cult' status for lack of a better word, in that it was released before the band reached they're current level of popularity, on a small time record label. This new ep has been pressed by this countries largest label Resist Records.
B) Of the three different covers that they printed for that first record, the pre order/Michael Jordan cover fetches the most, being limited to fifty... though it's the same in quantity as the record release cover of fifty, which fetches less. I think you can base that one purely on the funky cover art of the Jordan cover. I'll admit it is impressive. But this new record cover art is average at best. 
So in short you dicks, this isn't an investment, it's just fandom. And the music? Well I haven't listened yet, but I reckon I know what it'll sound like.

Friday, March 13, 2009


In Disgust "Live At Gilman" tape. Black. /100. Drugged Conscience.

High Stakes/Fortunate Son split 7". Black. No care really. Got it for free.

Slices s/t 7". Blue. /420. 16oh.

Lookin' In s/t 7". Clear with black smudge. /100. Trial & Error.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick Of Talk upload (100th post yhew)

Sick Of Talk were a pretty raging PV inspired band that existed long enough to release two eps worth of fast, rough hardcore very reminiscent of early (i'm talking first 7" early) Think I Care. So if you know of that first TIC record, you know I mean pretty much Infest/Crossed Out worship. It's got that modern vibe going that alot of bands from this day and age posses as well, ie youth crew styled breaks. They broke up around 2-3 years ago soon after releasing the 'Raked Over The Coals' 7". I might note that each release that I have uploaded here has a different vocalist, though each dude does sound somewhat similar. Rumours circulated for a little while about an upcoming LP, though I haven't heard talk (pun?) of that one for a while now. Who knows? Maybe we'll see it? Will rule if so.

So I have included here both of the bands releases: the s/t 7", and the 'Raked Over The Coals' 7". My record player is somewhat crappy, not too bad, but there is a little crackle here and there. So what, this is supposed to be rough.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vicious Cycle- Neon Electric 7"

The last Vicious Cycle record that I needed shows the most signs of progression with these guys, displaying a new dynamic, with a more rocked out/raw punk approach. Vocals are still really hard, so it's still got the good Boston vibe, the song 'All Hail The Bouncer' really showing off this quality, and probably being the best song the band has ever done. Black wax, 45 hole.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Magrudergrind LP

As the title states, the new self titled LP by Magrudergrind is due out May 5th. Virtually everything this band has done over the last three years or so has been damn near perfect. They've got three new tracks from the album posted on their myspace at the moment and it's groin melting stuff I tell you. Evident with these new songs is a definite more 'straight up' hardcore influence, with some very obvious breakdowns/mosh kinda bits. See the track "Excommunicated" for a a prime example. If I were to make a judgement I would say that these new styles would definitely be a thanks to the addition of new guitarist RJ, who replaced Marc around one year ago. The stuff that the band recorded for the "This Comp Kills Fascists" compilation after his introduction last year also displayed some of these new mosh tendencies. Don't worry, all the grind is still there, the guys just make room for some new stuff every now and then. Go check the band out, amazing is a cliched as fuck description, but it's an accurate one.