Monday, March 23, 2009

New Wax

When my blog isn't being hijacked by my girlfriend, it's being used to post about my records... the following being a prime example...

Taipan 7" on black. The demo wasn't half bad, but I think the main reason I grabbed this is just because they're Australian.

Same goes for this black Repoman 7". Probably more-so just bought this because of the home shore factor.

I hate how some guys need to collect every colour of every band. Extortion are the only band I do this with, and anyway (perhaps luckily?), it's not like they do a million variants of each ep. I had the AOA split on clear, I just needed it on blue.

Crude 7" on black. I'll be seeing these guys in May when I see Mind Eraser. They'll be doing support in Boston. Cool Japanese d-beat influenced hardcore.

Pathetic Human/Collapsed Toilet Vietnam split cassette tape. CTV fucking suck (pretentious, wanky, "experimental" grindcore), but I like PH (psychedelic, messy hardcore) .

California Love "Can't Waste Death" LP. Black wax. Hectic PV/Grind/Crust from you guessed it... California (man I wish I could say something like New York or Detroit).
Enjoying this insert artwork. Dudes head isn't on the bed... it's all over it.

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Erin said...

gayest post ever... i enjoy the case for the cassette