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Our Times Interview

Here's an old interview I did with Our Times in issue 5 of TheSharpEndZine. It's an older interview, hence some of the nooby questions. I have lost track of this band in recent times, but the ep they were riding at the time of this interview was (and still is) amazing. I think that I heard that they're breaking up. Damn shame. Good thrashy hardcore from Buffalo New York. RIP.

First up members, roles etc?

Jason-vocals, Ian-bass, Dave-Guitar, Joe-Guitar, Kelly-Drums.

How long have you guys been together?

3 years now I believe.

Where and when did you form?

Well Ian and I got together in October of 2003 and wrote a bunch of songs. None of them got recorded because they weren't that good except for zombies which is on the 7". Actually that was the first song that we wrote.

Your debut s/t 7” has been out for a little while now. How has it been doing since it’s release last year?

It's doing really well. It's doing much better than we expected it to. It's on it's 2nd press and final press. The second press is limited to 

310 copies all on black because the pressing plant broke the plates and they won't pay for new one's so that is it unless we wanna pay for a whole new set off plates which is alot of money.

I almost stumbled upon the record by accident, I’m so glad I found it. Are most people out there of the same opinion? In general how have the kids been reacting to it?

The reaction has been awesome. We've heard nothing but good things about the record.

The EP was released on Headcount Records. How did the deal with the label come about? Did they help alot financially or did you guys have to contribute a fair amount of cash?

We already had the demo cd out for awhile and Headcount got a hold of us and said they wanted to press it to vinyl. Headcount paid for 

everything. Pressing fee's and artwork. Booby Headcount is an awesome guy. He's got a good label going and we are glad we got to be a part of that.

Some bands keep it vinyl only but you guys have also chosen to release the material on CD. Why this decision? Why not take the record junkie road and only do wax?

Well the cd was out before the wax. Nick ThirdxParty of ThirdxParty records gave us $100 towards recording because he wanted to help us get our new music out at the time. Then Headcount Records wanted to press it to vinyl.

What has been more popular? The record or the CD?

Well you got the record collector's and you got the kids who don't have record players. So I'd say it's about even.

The record comes across to me as an extremely energetic, fast paced, melodic record. When writing the stuff what sound were you guys most hoping to get out there? Have you been happy with the end result?

Yeah we were all pretty stoked on the end result of the recording.

Production is spot on too. Some bands suffer the shitty sound syndrome but it seems that Our Times have escaped such a fate. Do you guys have any personal gripes with the sound?

Ian isn't to keen on the bass sound on the record but other than that everyone is real happy with it.

So an plans for future releases? You guys must have some new stuff written now?

There will defiantly be an OT release in the future. We have about 4 new songs written right and are planning on writing at least 6 more before we go and record again.

How does the new stuff sound? Still fast and energetic?

I'm real happy with the new songs. You can pretty much expect the same. Fast, energetic, in your face hardcore.

Will the new stuff still be out on Headcount?

Not sure. We will probably shop it around. But I would love to work with Headcount again.

Lyrically the material is virtually devoid of really cryptic stuff and otherwise is very straight forward. Are you in charge of all lyrics?

Yeah I write 99.8% of the lyrics but anyone in the band is welcome to contribute. Ian helps out in the lyric department a little. But for the 

most part I write the lyrics.

The opening track ”Stab At Reality” strikes me as the best, musically and lyrically. ”When will you wake up and realise your 

parents won’t always be there for you?”. What’s the story behind the lyrics in this song? How did they come about?

Well when my fiancee was going to college she had this one roommate who had everything handed too her and would complain if she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted it. I'm sure we all know someone like this. But dealing with that for a whole year day in and day out just got really frustrating when you work really hard for everything. Whether it be for money working a 9 to 5 job or studying your ass off to get good grades and she doesn't do shit and gets everything handed to her like it's no big deal. But the sad part is, is that people like that just don't fucking get it and will live like that the rest of their lives but that's just how it goes. Sorry don't mean to ramble she just pissed me off alot.

Our Times is a straight edge band. What other straight edge influences do you guys look up to? What made you get into straight edge in the beginning? 

Now it's time for your typical cliché answer but it's true. I never did drugs, drank alcohol, or smoked cigarettes. I never knew there was a word or so called label for it until I heard Minor Threat. We all listen to alot of old school hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Judge, Chain Of Strength, Side By Side, Minor Threat.

What do you see as the biggest problems amongst the straight edge scene these days?

People who take it to far.

And with that what are some of the positives?

Just living your life the way you want to live it. Whether your straight edge or not it doesn't matter to me. As long as you respect my decision I'll respect yours. Check out our song “X's Aren’t Everything” for a better explanation.

So in Australia you guys obviously have some sort of a following. You’re featuring in this here zine and you’re also to be featured in another good Aussie zine Cross The Line. Does having the following over here surprise you? How does it feel knowing people dig your shit down here?

It is very surprising but it is awesome knowing that kids on the other side of the world are digging our shit.

Ever any chance of seeing you guys down here?

Not anytime in the near future but we would love to do it.

Where can potential fans get in contact with you guys to find out more / download music etc?

You can check out our myspace which is or go to to pick up merch.You can also get the 7" and cd through Revelation and

Thanks for the time. Any thanks, shout outs etc?

Yeah thanks Nick Thirdxparty for all his help, Bobby Headcount and Headcount Records. Shout out to NoxGoal another amazing Buffalo 

hardcore band you should all check out!!

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