Friday, April 10, 2009

Extortion Demo Upload

I have a mate who's chasing the MP3's from the Extortion demo tape, and since Rohan's own upload expired a while back I thought I'd upload it myself.

It sounds like shit, and the band have progressed quite a bit since this recording, but I suppose if you're an Extortion freak, you'll be excited about this one. Maybe not though? Either way, if you're at least interested in where this band first came from have a listen. I should also say that these actual tracks are the ones that I downloaded from Rohan when he first uploaded them. If you read his post you'll learn about the Black Flag cover, which isn't included here. Though I do have one of the 20 tapes with said cover track... maybe one day I'll get around to dubbing and uploading it.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot mate.

Much appreciated, first track fucking slays.