Monday, March 13, 2017


Sepultura- "Roots" LP  (Roadrunner)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Red Vinyl /??

Definitely my least favourite Max era Sepultura album, but arguably their most well known amongst the mainstream. When I was first getting into Metal as a kid this record had just been released and was massive. All of my friends were into the band, wore their Roots shirts, had the CD etc. I tried to get into them too, I had the CD, and while I enjoyed it a little, I never really understood the appeal. The songs were way too simple, and I always thought the recording sounded muddy. In retrospect I can enjoy bits and pieces, notably the more energetic punk songs like 'Spit' and 'Dictatorshit', but really, you cannot deny how much influence this album had in ushering nu-metal to a wider audience at the time. Listen to that riff on the opener, 'Roots Bloody Roots'. You could put that on a Korn album and you'd never know the difference. Obviously that's what the band were trying to achieve, most Roadrunner bands from this era made similar moves, but even then I hated how all these bands morphed to suit current or identified upcoming music trends like that.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017


Sepultura- "Chaos A.D." LP  (Roadrunner)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Blue with Green Splatter Vinyl /??

A classic of a record undoubtedly but I've read many statements over the years basically accusing this thing as being one of a handful of albums from the early to mid 90's that helped kick start the wider popularity of nu-metal. I agree. Stylistically, the progression between Arise and this LP is hefty and probably the most considerable within the bands entire catalogue, pre and post Max departure. Still, just about every song on this album achieves cult status at this point.

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Friday, March 10, 2017


Sepultura- "Arise" LP  (Roadracer)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Gold Vinyl /??

Certainly my favourite Sepultura album, and I'd suspect that it would be a similar story for most of us. Heavy, fast, energetic, with a perfect era recording. Apart from the colour way, this thing is pretty much identical to the original pressing. The label calls this thing 'gold' vinyl but it's more of a beige to me.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Sepultura- "Beneath The Remains" LP  (Roadracer)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Transparent Orange Vinyl /??

Probably the first record where the band really achieved a more professional sound, and that could probably be directly attributed with their signing to Roadracer and the inevitably larger recording cash pot that would have been budgeted for this LP, a budget that would afford them the services of Scott Burns as producer. You can really hear the genesis of "Arise" on this album. Interesting fact: this wasn't the original planned artwork. They ended up giving it away, but the artwork from "Cause Of Death" by Obituary was originally slotted for BTR.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Sepultura- "Schizophrenia" LP  (Roadracer)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Blue Vinyl /??

Next up in the Sepultura box set, the bands 1987 follow up LP, "Schizophrenia". Once again, technically speaking, this thing isn't a reissue of their debut, as that album was released by Cogumelo. It wasn't until after the band signed to Roadracer that it was reissued by that label in 1990. So this is a reissue of a reissue. Further to that point, the band re-recorded Troops Of Doom for that first reissue, and that track has been made available here again. I'm probably over thinking it though.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Sepultura- "Morbid Visions/Bestial Devestation" LP  (Roadracer)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Red with Black Splatter Vinyl /??

With the rights granted by Roadrunner, Rhino Records has recently released this Sepultura box set, reissuing all of the Max Cavalera era LP's. It certainly comes in handy, as most of them existed on my want list. As far as I can tell, Rhino have created a spread that remains pretty true to the originals, just presented with various new colourways, compiled in this slip case. Unfortunately the slip case arrived a little dinged up, but all the records seemed to escape unharmed. Instead of posting about all six records today, I will keep the posting to one per day. "Morbid Visions" below...

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I guess strictly speaking this reissue of MV isn't totally true to the very first pressing. The band debuted in '85 with their split 12" with Overdose, their portion of that record entitled "Bestial Devastation". That was released by Cogumelo Records. The following year MV was unleashed via that same label. It wasn't until 1992 that the two releases were combined on one piece of wax via Roadracer (runner). To add to confusion, BD was also released as it's own stand alone 12" EP somewhere in 1990. So technically speaking, this is a reissue of "Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation", not their 1986 debut LP. It's a very tidy package though, with a quality slab. Bang your head to Troops Of Doom.

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