Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Sepultura- "Schizophrenia" LP  (Roadracer)
"The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996" Box Set Pressing, 2017
Blue Vinyl /??

Next up in the Sepultura box set, the bands 1987 follow up LP, "Schizophrenia". Once again, technically speaking, this thing isn't a reissue of their debut, as that album was released by Cogumelo. It wasn't until after the band signed to Roadracer that it was reissued by that label in 1990. So this is a reissue of a reissue. Further to that point, the band re-recorded Troops Of Doom for that first reissue, and that track has been made available here again. I'm probably over thinking it though.

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