Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Midnight Funeral 7"s

A couple of the records that I have been expecting (see yesterdays post), though not all of them. Hopefully there will be some more wax to post about tomorrow.
My Midnight Funeral Records order arrived today. Two new Australian releases from Craig's label, I don't get hugely excited about either of these bands, but there are definitely worse out there.
They both came in this screened mailer, something that I was quite fond of.
Canberra's I Exist 'Three Nails And A Book Of Flaws" 7" on red (second press) of 200. I was expecting a first press, Craig had told me that I'd get one, I'm not too fussed though. Hailed as a new 'crust' sensation, I am having trouble really seeing or hearing anything crust about these guys. They sound more like a second rate Mammoth Grinder to me, clearly ripping on bands like Crowbar and Eyehategod. I may sound somewhat unenthused, but it's not necessarily a bad thing, and I don't mind this. I just have trouble with the unfounded crust tag these guys seem to have developed. I've met a few of these guys before, there's nothing crust about them. Anyway I'm rambling...
Artwork by Rohan Harrison. Came with a cloth patch.
The labels founder Craigs band The Seduction "Black Cranes" 7" on 'gold' of 100, though it looks more like shit green to me. The band has released all 300 copies of this record with this rad screen printed cover. It's two colours, and rather impressive. This band has somewhat changed its sound over the last 18 months or so. I never paid too much attention to their previous CD releases, but I distinctly remember a more modern metalcore sound ala Parkway Drive or something, whereas this ep reminds me alot of Converge and Integrity.
Also came with a cloth patch.
Quality screening.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Justice 7"

Great band out of DC/Virginia, I posted a live video of them a few weeks back. This 7" is their 'Still Fighting' ep pressed back around '99 I think. Raging Boston/DC influenced hardcore. This is on black wax, I'm not too sure of the pressing info, but I only paid $10 for it, so it can't be too rare. I know that other colours (red, gold) fetch a little more.

I bought a G10. Hopefully I'll be getting a little more creative with photos from now on.

Friday, October 23, 2009

If you're into blogs of all shapes and sizes...

...here's what I check out on a regular basis. I know I have a tonne listed in my various lists to the right, but alot of them don't update at all anymore. This is my real blog list:

Well first, check out all of the stuff in my 'quick list' at the top. That's definitely stuff I back. Then...

My mate Craigs blog. He talks about alot of stuff here, music, bikes, photography etc. He's constantly updating, so it never gets boring.

Timothy's only just started this thing. He doesn't update it often enough, but what he has done so far, I've enjoyed. I'm trying to get him to use it more often.

I just started reading both of these. I think both of these guys are locals, just north of where I live. I like Tumblr.

A friends blog. Probably not what most of my readers will be into, mainly creative writing works of various approaches, but I read this thing often enough, why shouldn't you?

Just a good, random blog, again by a friend. Good photos.

This is my best mates. He used to update it all the time. He never does anymore. I await the day he does.

Rohan from Extortion's art blog. Updated sparingly, there's a shitload of great work on here.

Another friends blog that doesn't get updated enough. John did the art for the latest cover of Downsided.

DX's blog about the zine, the label and everything else. Good way to keep up to date with everything that he is doing.

Not a blog that I have looked at in a while, mainly due to the fact that I've used it for everything I wanted. But if you haven't yet seen it, make sure you do so. Shitloads of good music.

Heaps of good photos from Marty. I'm buying a G10 just like the one he uses.

It's a blog coming out of a BMX shop in Queens, NYC. Lots of other stuff going on here though, but nothing similar to the kind of stuff I blog about. More focused on Hip Hop, BMX, and NYC/Hip Hop fashion. Good read.

One of NYC's very good news blogs. You won't miss a beat with this one on your check list. A daily visit for me.

This guy is eating a slice of pizza from every pizza joint in the five boroughs. Great writer, great read.

Just a good blog about bike culture in general in NYC. Focused more on road bikes and fixed gear stuff, though it does make the stretch to talk about BMX every now and then.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raw Nerve single

Got this in the mail today, the new single by Chicago's Raw Nerve. I landed this 7" in a trade of some zines with Branden of Video Disease Records. The label used to be his band of the same name, a band that I have talked about on here before, but I think they've split now, so Branden has continued using the name for his label. I haven't had a chance to jam this yet, but you can read more about the band at Brandens blog.
More bands need to release simple singles like this. Other than Deer Healer I can't really think of many other labels bothering to release stuff like this anymore.

Shock Troop 7"

Got this Shock Troop 'Your Worst Nightmare' 7" in trade for a few zines with a mate. His label actually put this bands MLP out no too long ago, and I think I posted about it. Good anarcho crust punk from Austria. Pretty sure this is their last release.


I am one. Literally.

I've got the bootleg, and the re-issue LP, but one day this little beauty will be mine, just not today. I kinda new it wouldn't be mine anyway, I only put $400AU on it, thats all I could afford this time round, but the day will come when I will be able to drop up to $600 on the OG Thou Shalt Not Kill 7", and it shall become the jewell of my collection. Until that day though, I guess that title will have to belong to the Downsided 7" and the Neanderthal 7".

Monday, October 19, 2009

Steel Trap upload

About three years ago Steel Trap from California put out there debut 7", "Cold. Broke. Dead." It's pretty blatant mosh, with heavy guitars and vocals, but it's great. It lacks alot of the more metallic riffing that you may expect from a band of this ilk, instead using more bouncy, rounded stuff reminiscent of early 90's NYHC era Madball and the like. Ross from Ceremony does guess vox on the second track, if that means anything to you too. The band also did a demo and split 7" with Trash Talk, but this is certainly their best release, and here I have uploaded it for you. Highly enjoyable, just don't take it too seriously.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Extortion's set tonight...

Though they didn't play anything from the Terminal Cancer ep, that was the set of the year. I haven't felt this good in months. Fuck everything and everyone. I literally feel kinda drunk.
I had 5 people comment on my mullet tonight too, It must be working.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Deep Six Records email

I received this last night, the standard email I guess that they send out to subscribers. They don't come often, but when they do, I get siked. There was more to this email but all you need to read is this list of upcoming Deep Six releases-

Low Threat Profile "Product #1" 7" FUCK
Brutal Truth/Spazz 7" repress
No Comment repress of both 7" releases
Endless Blockade/The Bastard Noise LP
Neanderthal LP
Total F*king Destruction LP
Extortion new LP

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Comment Interview

The following interview was originally printed in Lack Of Ideals zine out of Germany way back when. Then You Breed Like Rats uploaded it with the help of Papst Benedickt XVI of Am I Mean. Then I re-printed it in issue #1 of Downsided this time last year. Now I'm upping it here.
Click the pics for a larger view.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Justice

I wish there were shows like this where I am from.

More bands like this please.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Iron Age shirt

I had this shirt about two years ago. I originally won it on eBay from some dude from the US along with a Bracewar longsleeve and a Know The Score T. When I got it the first time it was a terrible fit, and I was quite annoyed, as it was a really cool design, and colour. I held onto it for a while, but I ended up selling it around a year or so ago. This one came up last week from another guy in the USA, so I grabbed it. The mighty Australian dollar helped me secure a great deal. And the mother fucker fits great. Siked. This would definitely have to be my favourite Iron Age design.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can't sleep

Monday, October 5, 2009

The new Converge album has leaked.

I'm not the pirate type, so I''ll leave you to find this for yourself, but make sure you buy the wax or CD.
PS- Tom Waits cover with Steve from Neurosis.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A song worth singing is a song worth screaming

I don't think that I've ever talked about Ramparts on this here blog, but about two years ago, maybe a little more, before I started Skull Fucked anyway, they released the 7", 'White Boys Love The Blues' through the singer, Sam's bay area based label Spiderghost Pressgang. At the time, I was totally blown away by this record for so many reasons. Superior lyricism, ingenious song writing, just straight out different ideas. There are no bands around like these guys, plain and simple. Too many elements to go on about here, just think something like My War era Black Flag mixed with newer Ceremony mixed with Kyuss and you may be getting close. Too bad they're not really doing anything else these days. Sam has gone on to form Grace Alley, while the bands guitarist is the guy who plays guitar for Ceremony.

Here is the upload for you. Out of everything I've ever uploaded I recommend this one the most. Such a good 7". Too bad I can't find a pic of the wax to go with this, maybe I'll scan mine, but they call it "cum blast splatter". While you're downloading check out Spiderghost. Everything Sam has put out so far rages like nothing else.
I've used mediafire for the first time with this one, tell me if it doesn't work.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Extortion collection

I feel kinda gay posting this here, I mean I don't really know why, this is a collector scum blog, but this is my Extortion collection as it stands for the moment...That's pretty much everything they've done so far including the demo tape. You may notice that press of the Terminal Cancer 7" with the 45 hole. Not sure of the deal with this record really, Rohan tells me that 10 exist. Missing only a few select items, that being the 2nd press of Terminal Cancer (which I don't think I really want anyway, it's virtually exactly the same), the demo CD (again, don't really want it I don't think), and the two limited covers of the split 5" that RSR did (yes I want those bad). Someone sell me that damn lighter they did too. I'm lucky I guess that I bought nearly all of these as they were released (bar the tape which I traded for another local bands tape, the Terminal Cancer test press obviously, and the s/t reissue LP on green), so I haven't dropped a buttload of money to build this collection, like some dudes I know of around the place.

Male Supremacy

These all trickled in throught the last week...

The reissue of the first Carnivore LP. Reissued on gatefold double vinyl, with demos of what would later become the Retaliation LP. This was a must have when I stumbled across it at my local record store, even if it's the inferior to their next album. Classic NYC cross-over from Pete Steele and co.
Long hairs.
I know I don't post much about rap on this blog, but truth be told, I listen to nearly as much of it as I do the regular Skull Fucked fodder, I just don't buy many rap LP's. Anyway, you should at least know about Immortal Technique. The best MC to emerge from New York in the last ten years. This is his latest album, a mix tape with DJ Green Lantern, The Third World. New album proper due within the next twelve months I've heard.
Told you I'd get it... Extortion/Septic Surge split 7" on black.
Virtually the final piece to the Extortion puzzle for me at the moment. This is the reissued 7" on LP on green. I think 200 of these were pressed on green for the Californian tour last year, of which pretty much all were sold (bar a few select copies that were given to friends and the like at home here in OZ). I've been searching high and low for this record for the last six months with no luck, untill DX announced he was selling his personal copy. Of course I had to grab it, even if I paid a silly amount for it.