Friday, October 23, 2009

If you're into blogs of all shapes and sizes...'s what I check out on a regular basis. I know I have a tonne listed in my various lists to the right, but alot of them don't update at all anymore. This is my real blog list:

Well first, check out all of the stuff in my 'quick list' at the top. That's definitely stuff I back. Then...

My mate Craigs blog. He talks about alot of stuff here, music, bikes, photography etc. He's constantly updating, so it never gets boring.

Timothy's only just started this thing. He doesn't update it often enough, but what he has done so far, I've enjoyed. I'm trying to get him to use it more often.

I just started reading both of these. I think both of these guys are locals, just north of where I live. I like Tumblr.

A friends blog. Probably not what most of my readers will be into, mainly creative writing works of various approaches, but I read this thing often enough, why shouldn't you?

Just a good, random blog, again by a friend. Good photos.

This is my best mates. He used to update it all the time. He never does anymore. I await the day he does.

Rohan from Extortion's art blog. Updated sparingly, there's a shitload of great work on here.

Another friends blog that doesn't get updated enough. John did the art for the latest cover of Downsided.

DX's blog about the zine, the label and everything else. Good way to keep up to date with everything that he is doing.

Not a blog that I have looked at in a while, mainly due to the fact that I've used it for everything I wanted. But if you haven't yet seen it, make sure you do so. Shitloads of good music.

Heaps of good photos from Marty. I'm buying a G10 just like the one he uses.

It's a blog coming out of a BMX shop in Queens, NYC. Lots of other stuff going on here though, but nothing similar to the kind of stuff I blog about. More focused on Hip Hop, BMX, and NYC/Hip Hop fashion. Good read.

One of NYC's very good news blogs. You won't miss a beat with this one on your check list. A daily visit for me.

This guy is eating a slice of pizza from every pizza joint in the five boroughs. Great writer, great read.

Just a good blog about bike culture in general in NYC. Focused more on road bikes and fixed gear stuff, though it does make the stretch to talk about BMX every now and then.


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