Sunday, September 30, 2012


Newish demo here from Spain's Altercado Espiritual. Pure Boston '83 here that carries a cool Spanish vibe (mostly because of the lyrics in Spanish). Relatively good recording for a demo of such nature and some rather creative artwork. New EP due soon that I should be able to post about it in the coming weeks. From what I've been told, parties responsible here are also handling a Spanish edition of the Sick People demo,  one of the tapes that I was responsible for last year.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Here's a new demo tape that's managed to drum up a reasonable amount of talk recently. Stoic Violence from California play a relatively noisy brand of outsider punk akin to a handful of Cali bands of old. There's also a stark east coast flavour going on here too. By no means amazing, this rough little three song presentation does a good enough job at presenting this new band and their style.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Another recent acquisition and another tape, the debut demo tape from Boston's MFP. Grabbed this a few weeks ago on the recent Static Shock Records distro order. Ripping hardcore from the States. New EP due on Painkiller soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Second EP "The Void" from Cali's Zero Progress. Clear vinyl, Piledriver Records. Ironically, with this new music they have progressed somewhat with their sound. Where their last EP utilised a pretty rounded, bouncy style akin to the Lockin' Out vibe, this material adds a pretty heavy dose of a more straight up, no frills, less gimmicky hardcore. It still maintains that east coast vibe that they've used from the start, but here they're certainly going for a more serious approach.  It's better than their old stuff too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Try and count all of the genuine USHC styled bands coming out of the UK at the moment and I dare say you'd struggle to use all 10 fingers on both hands. Of that number though, just about every single one of them is pulling off a pretty on point, accurate approach. Case in point today; The Flex from Leeds with their demo tape. Now these guys are picking up a bit of attention at the moment with American tape label, Bleeding Edges having just produced a new edition of this demo, but this tape to my knowledge has been out for a few months at least now. This version here is from the band produced dub from earlier in the year. Boston is the flavour here and it's rich at to say the least. Mid to fast paced jams with a gruff vocalist out front groaning about the various societal and social quandaries that he obviously feels at odds with. The recording is what helps this thing along really. Just a good, simple, genuine sounding production sans any silly bells and whistles. A solid sound that makes the stomp bits good! I suspect this band will cop a good amount of hype over the next 12 months.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Swedish death metal elite Grave always sounded to me like they should have come from Finland. Sure they utilised that classic Sunlight sound but unlike brethren Entombed, Dismember and Carnage they never really succumbed to those melodic tendencies that really epitmoised that typical Swedish sound of the time. Maybe it had something to with the fact that they didn't originate from Stockholm like the majority of that scene spawned. Maybe it also had something to do with the fact that the vocal style of the bands main man Ola Lindgren always maintained it's own unique low end, unlike those of fellows like LG Petrov and Matti Kärki that always seemed to flirt with more tuneful tendencies. Whatever way you look at it, Grave were/are a great fucking band and probably the second best death metal band that the country ever produced. This is a 2011 reissue of their 1991 LP "Into The Grave" pressed by the mighty Century Media. Mine's on black vinyl, from what I can tell, this new press also consisted of a green variety.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Picked this one up at the same time as last night's post fodder. This is the second EP from Chicago's Manipulation, simply titled "2". Black vinyl on Sorry State Records. This originally came out in 2010, and was kind of on my "to get" list, if just to check the band out really. Their first 7" which I made a very brief post about back in 2010 didn't really get me massively excited, I think in part due to the thin sounding recording, so I always kind of hoped that this would be better. It is I guess. The mastering is much louder which makes it more interesting, but the band are still playing the same kind of flat, singular approach to outsider hardcore, akin to the majority of their label's roster. Take it or leave it I think, this would certainly please fans of a heap of Sorry State and No Way! records bands, maybe even some less wanky Youth Attack acts.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


A recent pick up at a distro at a local show, this Much Worse EP, "Absolute Nightmare" wasn't a record that I was actually on the prowl for. I'd heard the name knocking about in various circles here and there but I hadn't really thought hard enough to bother chasing it down (much the same could be said for a handful of bands at the moment, just don't have the time to check out every single thing that I probably should). Glad I decided to pick this up. Based off the cover art alone, you couldn't be blamed for assuming this was some kind of new Youth Attack release, and to be honest, with the sound that these guys have captured with this EP, it would certainly slot in pretty easily with that label, but no, this comes about thanks to the ever consistent No Way! Records. Black wax. The basic wrap that these guys seem to get is of the Japanese hardcore variety, and I hear them biting that style a little here, but it certainly isn't an overwhelmingly obvious approach, and I'd much sooner compare this to some early 80's outsider USHC band before anything like Deathside or Bastard. As I've said before, I'm no Japcore purist though and maybe I'm missing something?

Friday, September 14, 2012


I've posted a couple of times about Repugnant. Flawless, classic Swedish death metal. Of all of their stuff I'd say that this record "Hecatomb" is their outright best material. Originally unleashed as a 7" back in 1999 by To The Death Records, to be followed in reissue as a 12" by Unveiling The Wicked the following year, those original version often sell for upwards of $100, a price that I have never been able to bring myself to pay. Luckily, Hammerheart Records decided to reissue the EP as a 12" again this year. Mine is on red wax, I think a clear version was pressed also. Compared to the bands brilliant full length, "Epitome Of Darkness", this thing is considerably rougher in nature. One song from here went on to be re-recorded for that album, but a couple of the other songs could arguably be their best material no contest, namely the track "Rapturous Genocide". That song didn't actually appear on the original 7" version, it was only introduced to the vinyl format via the first 12" reissue after it's first incarnation on their early "Spawn Of Pure Malevolence" demo tape. It's a fantastic song that progresses through various stages and styles. Plenty of blasts, plenty of tremolo picking. They also manage to include a Celtic Frost cover here too, and they pull it off surprisingly well. Very happy to finally own this one, though I'd love to get my hands on an original 7" version too.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I first read up about Wolfsblood out of Winnepeg in a recent issue of Counterfeit Garbage. The interview and general things that the guys from that rag had to say about the band were enough to stoke some kind of interest in me. To date they've only got two demo tapes under their collective belts, both of the gruff east coast ilk. Think a pretty obvious Boston assault peppered with quite a few get low, slam bits. The first tape, here, is somewhat accomplished, though the vocalists pipes come off a little weak, as does the recording. To be honest, had I come across the band at a stage when this was all they had kicking about, I doubt very much that I would have taken much of an interest in them.

It's all about their second demo tape. The loud, thick recording reminds me heaps of the Violent Minds "Riot" single, though it is a little bit cleaner than that record. The band experiment with more slower bits than VM too, but in general I'd certainly say that both bands bite similar styles. Based entirley off this recording, I am really hopeful that the band does more. Great hardcore.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This is the Australian tape version of the Violent Reaction EP, put together by Thomo at Rain On The Parade Records. 50 copies only, it's very possible that it's sold out by now, but you might be better off asking him. Artwork by a Brisbane local, Jack Dyer, and as I have already stated, this is my favourite release of 2012, not an ounce of contest. I still have some shirts left with this exact artwork. Hit me up if you would like one. Selling at cost price.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hands down, THE record of the year is now in my paws. I've blogged a number of times about Liverpool's Violent Reaction over the last few weeks for various reasons so maybe regular readers know how excited I am about this? This is the bands s/t debut EP pressed by Static Shock Records and Quality Control. This record is part of the (somewhat limited) first press that is pretty close to being sold out (if it's not already). I think I heard that a second press would be happening soon. Straight up, driving, ugly hardcore from The North that takes pretty blatant cues from many of USHC's founding forefathers. Tip of the cap to the vast majority of the mid west across to the upper east coast with a bit of an Oi! sound thrown in too here and there. Now last year (or maybe very early this year?) I posted about the bands demo. I was really into that tape, but this just casts a massive shadow over that recording, and everything else released this year for that matter. As I've mentioned before, at the time of writing and recording this EP, VxR was the work of one bloke, Mr Pimlott handling all duties. As I type this though, I'm pretty sure while still being his baby, he's got a lot of help in various English punk chaps. Everything about this EP is perfect; every song is a banger, really catchy stuff with the perfect balance of fast and slow and slam, Tom sounds like an animal and the recording is spot on. I really can't speak more highly about this thing. I've been listening to the digital version non stop for weeks on end now, and I know I'll be spinning this platter for many more weeks to come. Essential hardcore.

Monday, September 10, 2012


More (early) 90's mainstream metal in the form of this OG press of the 1991 Sepultura essential, "Arise" on Roadracer Records. I honestly don't know why it took me so long to get my hands on this one. Regardless of where the band went with later material, I'm of the solid opinion that this is one of the most important metal albums of all time.