Thursday, September 13, 2012


I first read up about Wolfsblood out of Winnepeg in a recent issue of Counterfeit Garbage. The interview and general things that the guys from that rag had to say about the band were enough to stoke some kind of interest in me. To date they've only got two demo tapes under their collective belts, both of the gruff east coast ilk. Think a pretty obvious Boston assault peppered with quite a few get low, slam bits. The first tape, here, is somewhat accomplished, though the vocalists pipes come off a little weak, as does the recording. To be honest, had I come across the band at a stage when this was all they had kicking about, I doubt very much that I would have taken much of an interest in them.

It's all about their second demo tape. The loud, thick recording reminds me heaps of the Violent Minds "Riot" single, though it is a little bit cleaner than that record. The band experiment with more slower bits than VM too, but in general I'd certainly say that both bands bite similar styles. Based entirley off this recording, I am really hopeful that the band does more. Great hardcore.

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