Friday, January 29, 2010

Why don't you fuck off

Vinnie from Blogged And Quartered has just published a brilliant post centered around his upload of the entire Infest discog. Very clean, very complete. Miss this and may the black plague strike down you and everyone you love.

Stare At The Sun

The collection continues... the 10", black vinyl.
Wolves In The Throne Room 'Malevolent Grain' 12" single. I spoke of these guys a few weeks back. Good ambient black metal band from the States minus the corpse paint and gimmicks. Gold print logo. But it's too legible for a black metal logo I reckon.
Brown wax. Not the regular packaging from Southern Lord Records though; it's not a gatefold and it's not 180g either. Like I said, it's a single (two tracks, twenty minutes), so I guess that's your explanation.

Not a record

...I got it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cali Love/Gehenna

Like I really need to jock this here, but A389 has the preorders up for the California Love/Gehenna split 7". I always thought these bands sounded really similar (in a good way), I guess I'm not alone in that opinion. I ordered one on black, but the label has some rarer coloured pressing available if you order a print for some extra cash aswell. I opted just for the plain black version along with a plain black version of the Love Below 7". Get on it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vinyl Abuse

I recently found a really good, new Aussie wax blog from Perth. Dude has a really similar taste to mine when it comes to good hardcore punk, and he has some really good posts, but from what I can see, he hasn't got much of a following yet. We all gotta start somewhere I guess, Skull Fucked went for 6 months with nothing but a few views. If you like my blog, you'll like this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday night turd polishing

Hella bored tonight. Guess my playlist! (Fuck, without checking the hotlinks)

Trash talk

Dudes using pictures of my records for their header box I can handle, but when they don't even bother to say 'wassup' or put me in their blog list, that's when I get miffed. Anyway, wassup Processing Loss?

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Have You Done?

I wouldn't normally use my own blog as a place to trawl for t-shirts, but I figure that I am at the end of my rope with this query and I do have somewhat of a good reader base in America, so hopefully there is bound to be someone out there who knows someone who knows someone that may be able to help me.
Last year I was watching a dope Knife Fight t-shirt on eBay. It was a white t' with the bands first 7" design on the front, you know, the one with the rabid dog on the chest. Anyway, for some hideous reason, I forgot to bid on said shirt, and it ended up going reasonably cheap. I've been searching for this particular design ever since, but it's never come up anywhere. If someone can help, reply with a comment here, and we can arrange something. I'm willing to pay good money for a shirt that is in at least reasonable condition. And for that matter, I'm very interested in getting my mitts on any Knife Fight design I guess, this 7" design is just top priority. Thanks.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Pessimist

The day of pre-orders today. Two records, two Perth based bands. Need I tell you anything about this first one? Red wax, limited to 100 copies. I've secured a back version and I'm also trying to negotiate a test press. After a week of listening to the digital, I've decided that this rates within the top five Extortion releases for me, though there are four records that are better.
It's a 10" if you didn't already know.
And finally my Suffer/Pathetic Human split 7" arrived. Took too long to come, but I get along with Lewis, so it's all okay with me. Limited fruity pink vinyl of 100 copies again. 45 hole.
And both came with badges. Yeah, sweet, more useless badges to ad to the collection.
I do realise that I swing pretty far and wide on the proverbial 'stortion nut sack, I'm betting regulars of this blog have noticed it anyway, but in my defence, I have been swinging so since they released their s/t 7" the first time in 2005. Everything they've released so far I have paid standard dollar for (bar the limited green press of the s/t LP re-issue which I heard about oh too late, paid a somewhat silly amount to a local seller) as it's been released. It's not like I just jumped on this band in the last 18 months like so many seem to have. You just can't fault such a strong musical endeavor, an arguably flawless catalogue.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plague Grounds

Two months after my initial order was placed, I received my Painkiller stuff in the mail today. This is the first time the label has ever taken more than three weeks to get an order to me. No real good idea why it took such a while, though I'm hoping it was the shitty US postal system xmas backlog. Anyway, finally, it's in my possession, the New Lows Paincaves Sessions tape. I'm gonna say it, I was all over this band from the minute they released their first demo. Good to see such a good group getting the recognition they deserve.Of 300 copies. Two new tracks, a re-recorded number, and a Jerry's Kids cover. Bang. New LP on Deathwish this year.
And the new Force Fed '5 Song Ep'. Fast, pissed, straight edge hardcore, minus the cheese factor. They actually remind me alot of Knife Fight, hence probably why I posted about said band earlier.
Turquoise kind of wax with black smudge. No idea of the pressing.

Lets talk about...

how the riff in Burning Bridges Pt. 1 by Knife Fight is the hardest riff of the last five years, easily. Ouch. New ep on Painkiller soon apparently.
Can't find a vid with the song straight up, just enjoy these.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ward Of The State

I know that this demo is last years news, and I know that it's been hyped on an endless list of good hardcore blogs in the last few months, including this very piece-a-shit right here, but tonight, for good reason I like to believe, I wanna drop some kind words about the Vaccine demo. This is the demo of 2009, if not the best release period. I would assume that most people who read this blog already know about this band, but if you are reading this, and you don't know about these guys I strongly advise that you take notice of this group of sonic maniacs. Especially if you like bands like No Comment, Infest, Extortion, or Low Threat Profile. Fuck, even if you're not into any of those groups I want you to hear this stuff. Fast, pissed off, often somewhat techincal, straight edge PV influenced hardcore. It doesn't get any better than this in any modern incarnation. They self released this demo on pro tape of 100 copies in the beginning of the 0-9, then not long after Red Room Records pushed out the one sided 7" version with 100 on clear and 200 on black. I managed to get a hold of a black copy while they were still widely available, but the tape I was never so lucky. I have bid on it twice on eBay over the last six weeks, only to be beaten out both times. Most recently it went for $40+ American. Not joking. I want this tape though, bad. Lets hope they keep the ball rolling with these shits. The demo is way too short... two minutes. I seriously listened to it 25 times tonight in a row. I need moar.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog worthy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trash This Place

I had my Regurgitated Semen Records order arrive today. The main two reasons that I placed this order were for the first two records that I am about to post about. Sandro just suggested that I grab a few more, as the postage from Europe was going to cost me a fair bit regardless, and I may as well get my money's worth.
This is the third press of the Extortion/Rupture split 5" on white. The collection continues to grow.
Now, RSR has gone and started a 'puzzle' set of records that, when you match up four different covers from four different records it makes a picture. Normally I would never buy into something like this, it seems like just a way for the guys at the label to offload some excess stock, but they decided to use the Extortion/Septic Surge split 7" as one of the four parts. I don't say no to things like this.
Part three in the series.
This is another part of the puzzle. Part two actually. The Kill The Client/Thousandswilldie split. Gulf coast grind from the former, though I have never listened to Thousandswilldie at all. Curious. Bright fluresent yellow wax. Being the OCD fuck that I am, of course I had to grab this part. I must finish it. Just the Endless Blockade/Wadge split, and Su19b/Dreadeye split to go.
Broken Needle s/t 7" on black wax on Schizophrenic Records. Rad, fast, rough hardcore. I had never paid too much attention to this band before I grabbed this, but I certainly am now.
About To Snap 'Already Dead' 7" on red vinyl from A389 Records. Kind of a mix of older Boston/Detroit stuff with a modern vibe. Not too bad, though it was more of just a quick add on.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday night turd polishing.

Digital stuff that I'm digging this week (ie I don't have the vinyls yet), in no particular order:

Dry Rot- 'Phylistine': Haven't paid any attention to this band for a couple of years, then tonight, a friend of mine turned me onto this album. I don't really know what to say, the vocalist sounds so deranged. I have to get a hard copy of this now. Weirdo-babble shit.

Extortion- 'Loose Screws': Read previous post.

Baroness- 'Red Record': The hype machine wins again, but to be fair I haven't been able to get into their new 'Blue Record' as much as I have been digging on this earlier effort. Cool, ambient, rocked out doom.

Innumerable Forms: DFJ of Mind Eraser fame has a new death metal band, and he has a new 7" coming out soon. I think I heard somewhere that this is pretty much all just him. If it is, then his vocals are getting crazier still.

Wolves In The Throne Room- 'Black Cascade': Without talking too much shit, this is hipster black metal, but I do like it. I'll admit that I never really have paid too much attention to them before they announced their imminent Australian tour with Monarch in the coming months, but my roommate has been listening to them for years. Does that make me cool too?

I'm hopeful of wax posts on all previously mentioned stuff soon.

Social Inept

For people who are waiting on their Extortion Loose Screws 10" pre-orders to arrive, who can't seem to get their hands on the CD version to keep them entertained until the wax drops (or who want it RIGHT NOW, like me), the Australian i-tunes store now has the digital version available to download. Not sure if the American store will have it, but I guess you yankees can only try. It's certainly a new approach for the band, but it's still punching me in the face. Rohan's vocals sound somewhat different, but that may just be the mix.

I've contemplated uploading it for you all, but to be honest, at the end of the day, I'm just not punk enough. It'll be everywhere by the end of the month anyway.
Click the fruity little box.

Friday, January 8, 2010


New year, new look. Time for something a little simpler.

Everything went black

Two shirts that I've been rather fond of for a while now. Just too lazy to bother tracking them down online, though I doubt it'd be hard. I walked into my local record store yesterday, and they were both up on the wall, side by side, both in my size. If that's not a sign, then I don't know what is.

We're not in this together...

San Francisco's Punch played here in my home state of Queensland three times over the last three nights. I have posted about this band before, but admittedly I never have really paid a great deal of attention to them. Well not enough anyway. I don't really know why though, as the last three nights they really killed it live. I was actually really really impressed. Very tight live unit indeed and kids went apeshit every night. Best group of shows that I have attended in 12 months easily. I have been meaning to get my hands on this LP since it dropped, what better a night to do it than at one of these shows? White wax with pink smudge.

I posted a couple weeks ago about the Low Threat Profile 7" I got on red wax. Well, here is the black version. This ep is still caving my face in.
The new Vacant State ep, 'Internal Conflict' on Deranged. Hard dealing early 80's Boston worship. Great record. Black vinyl.
Extortion demo CD thanks to eBay. I have a heap of limited Extortion stuff on it's way. Life is good.
And the new demo tape 'Restless Thoughts' by US group, Restless. Straight edge unit dispensing with modern youth crew type stuff, maybe a little harder though.
I purchased this from the band over the B9 forum. I mainly grabbed it for the packaging and artwork though. Good detail for a tape, certainly a pro job.