Friday, January 8, 2010

We're not in this together...

San Francisco's Punch played here in my home state of Queensland three times over the last three nights. I have posted about this band before, but admittedly I never have really paid a great deal of attention to them. Well not enough anyway. I don't really know why though, as the last three nights they really killed it live. I was actually really really impressed. Very tight live unit indeed and kids went apeshit every night. Best group of shows that I have attended in 12 months easily. I have been meaning to get my hands on this LP since it dropped, what better a night to do it than at one of these shows? White wax with pink smudge.

I posted a couple weeks ago about the Low Threat Profile 7" I got on red wax. Well, here is the black version. This ep is still caving my face in.
The new Vacant State ep, 'Internal Conflict' on Deranged. Hard dealing early 80's Boston worship. Great record. Black vinyl.
Extortion demo CD thanks to eBay. I have a heap of limited Extortion stuff on it's way. Life is good.
And the new demo tape 'Restless Thoughts' by US group, Restless. Straight edge unit dispensing with modern youth crew type stuff, maybe a little harder though.
I purchased this from the band over the B9 forum. I mainly grabbed it for the packaging and artwork though. Good detail for a tape, certainly a pro job.

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