Friday, May 28, 2010

Obsessed With Death

Mammoth Grinder have a new single coming out soon on Hell Massacre Records, the Painkiller imprint type thing. They put one of the tracks, 'Obsessed With Death' up on their myspace last week. Mighty impressive early 90's euro death metal worship. Autopsy eat your heart out. I love this band.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Grandma's Fucking A Tranny From Alaska

So I'm currently on a little of a saving bend, as I'm planning to hit NYC with a friend over new years eve this year, and I also just dropped 8g's on a much needed new/used car, so heavy record flow isn't happening at the moment. I'm hoping that after I pay off the money I borrowed for the car (I'm paying $500+ a week), I will be able to get back to my regular, nasty spending habits, but don't get too excited, I like actually having cash in the bank. With that said though, I actually feel like I'm getting left behind, as I have to try and keep up with my new Australian fellow bloggers. I'm a competitive cunt, and you guys are leaving me for dust at the moment. Humbug. I do have a few things coming, but the 'incoming' list pales in comparison to former times.
This is one record that I will be pre-ordering for sure though; the second volume of 'This Comp Kills Facists'. CD version on Relapse, which is ready to order now (via the link I just used), and double 12" out on Deep 6 Records in the near future. So many fucking good tracks on this comp so far. Listen to the Despise You, Kill The Client, Apt. 213, Brutal Truth and Owen Hart stuff. Kick yourself in the head. Extortion and QLD locals Septic Surge will also have stuff on here too. Very excited.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Digital Dogs With Analogue Collars

I'm always the last to get records, anyway...
Here it fucking is, the new Black Breath album 'Heavy Breathing' out on Southern Lord. Blue vinyl for mail order only of something like 494. Sold out. This will certainly be in my top ten of 2010, no questions.
Things have changed with this album somewhat. Their last MLP was absolute Motorhead worship if you ask me. In somewhat of what most would consider almost a natural progression, with this LP they're playing pretty tried and true early 90's Scando death 'n' roll. I'm hearing extreme 'Indecent And Obscene' era Dismember comparisons, and that's a good thing. Either way, it's metal as fuck. I'm a slave to massive riffs, and this album is packed with them.
So impressed with every aspect of this LP, amazing quality package all in all. Quality build, awesome wax, great art and layout. Expect nothing less from Southern Lord, though everyone clearly knows this already.
Now come to Australia you bastards.
And the new Trap Them one sided MLP, 'Filth Rations'. This is probably my favourite TT stuff so far, the production is spot on, not too over done, just the perfect amount of filth haha.
Awesome artwork from Justin Bartlett doesn't get interrupted by any kind of header or logo on the front cover. I like that. Everything you need to know is on the back.
And a b-side etching of the cover art. I have a few etched LP's, but this one is by far the best I've ever seen. All in all, Trap The have really stepped into their own with this release.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shutting Down

Tonight I decided to start working on my Mind Eraser collection. From what I can gather, this is their complete current discography so far. Red highlighted stuff is the the stuff that I own. Everything else is obviously the stuff I have to get.

Demo tape (2003) (Painkiller Records)

Cave advance tape (2004) (Self Released)

Enslaved And Obliterated demo CDR (2004) (Unofficial self release)

Demo CDR (2005) (Unofficial self release)

Live In Columbus CDR /20 (2005) (Maim And Disfigure)

Live In Toronto CDR /50 (2007) (Self Released)

Clacial Reign demo CDR /20 (2007) (Self Released)

Vomit Noize demo CDR (2007) (Self Released)

8 Track Cartridge (2007) (Welfare)

Cave LP, Test Press /20 (2004) (Painkiller/Collapse)

Cave LP, Regular Cover, Black /1025, 1st pressing (2004) (Painkiller/Collapse)

Cave LP, Record Release Cover /50, Black /1025, 1st pressing (2004) (Painkiller/Collapse)

Cave LP, Clear/blue/purple /132, 2nd pressing (2005) (Painkiller/Collapse)

Cave LP, Silk Screen Cover, Black /106, 2nd pressing (2005) (Painkiller/Collapse)

Cave LP, Gold /100, 3rd pressing (2007) (Painkiller/Collapse)

Glacial Reign LP, Test Press /6 (2006) (Painkiller)

Glacial Reign LP, Black /825, 1st pressing (2006) (Painkiller)

Glacial Reign LP, White /284, 1st pressing (2006) (Painkiller)

Glacial Reign LP, Gold /550, 2nd pressing (2007) (Painkiller)

Glacial Reign LP, Clear /500, 3rd pressing (2009) (Painkiller)

Teenagers 7”, Test Press /6 (2006) (Painkiller)

Teenagers 7” /302 (2006) (Painkiller)

World Unfolds/Brought Back To Life 7", Test Press /?? (Bootleg)

World Unfolds/Brought Back To Life 7” /300 (2007) (Bootleg)

Conscious/Unconscious LP, Test Press /12 (2008) (Clean Plate)

Conscious/Unconscious LP, Orange /200, 1st Pressing (2008) (Clean Plate)

Conscious/Unconscious LP, Black /800, 1st Pressing (2008) (Clean Plate)

Conscious/Unconscious LP, White /500, 2nd Pressing (2008) (Clean Plate)

The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”, Test Press /24 (2008) (Youngblood)

The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”, Orange /200, 1st Pressing (2008) (Youngblood)

The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”, Clear /350, 1st Pressing (2008) (Youngblood)

The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”, Black /550, 1st Pressing (2008) (Youngblood)

The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”, Red /200, 2nd Pressing (2008) (Youngblood)

The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”, Black /300, 2nd Pressing (2008) (Youngblood)

They also have coming up the 4 way split double 7" with Scapegoat, Mind Eraser and Iron Lung, and the tour split 7" with Slang, obviously, add these to the list.

For a better description of all of this, see here-


The new Ceremony single 'Sick', prelude to the new 'Rohnert Park' LP they have coming out very soon. I'm extremely excited for this album. B9 initially pressed this 7" on white of 300, and this clear press of 700. I'm not too worried about limited presings and the like, but as you can see, I missed the white. Both of those first variations apparently sold out super quick, so the label pressed another 500 on black.
Two new tracks, one obviously the title track, which will be on the LP, and a b-side, 'Life As A War', which is pretty much the sequel to 'This Is My War' off the Ruined 7" from a few years ago. Similar lyrics, similar structure. It's rather rough though, initially I thought it was a live recording of the original song.
Like I've said before, I think these guys really go over alot of peoples head. I've heard them compared to Infest FFS. How the fuck did that happen?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Cruel Hand artwork

I like this band, their last album wasn't as good as earlier stuff, and kids hang on their collective nutsack like crazy, but I'll always have time for Cruel Hand. This is the cover of the new LP 'Lock & Key'. Looks heaps like the art from the single 'Life In Shanbles' from the last LP, but I'm liking this even more. Obvious Pushead influence.
In other news, the digital of the new Trash Talk LP became available to purchase today from the bands website, but I've already found a blog that's hosting it for free. I won't link you, but if you feel so inclined, you should have zero trouble finding it for yourself. You didn't read that here haha.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking Out For You

Couple 7" records tonight. First up the Underdog 7" reissue that B9 has just done. I've never been crazy about this band, though live, they were impressive when I saw them last year in Chicago. I dunno, I just can't really get into them that much. This record is certainly still worth owning when it's only $9. Red vinyl. B9 also did gold vinyl, though they haven't released the pressing numbers yet.All OG artwork and layouts. Thanks fuck they didn't change anything dramatically like they did with the AF reissues, as this artwork is great. Typical era NYHC.
And this latest offering from the Fashionable Idiots label. The new 7" from Chicago's Manipulation. Black wax. Good, rough, fast hardcore from some of the dudes in Civic Progess and Chronic Seizure. That list should also give you an idea of how this sounds, though it's a bit more gruff.
Silk screened by-fold cover on really nice, matt, black cardstock. I don't own enough records with covers like this. FI continues to pump out good bands.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Mirror Stares Also

In Brisbane? This is tomorrow night. Be there, or be... octangular .

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tape Day

Here's some tapes.
The Reckless Aggression demo tape. This thing has me floored. The best demo to come out of this country in years. Rough, pissed off hardcore from Melbourne. Meatdog's vocals are spot on. This is world class stuff. Look at the cover, you should know what to expect.
Melbourne skins.
And the two Fucked Up mix tapes. I'm not even a massive fan of Fucked Up, but these came at a really good price, and there are heaps of really good bands featured on here.
Obviously this split with Mind Eraser never happened, but I never knew it was in the pipeline until I read this. Would certainly have been interesting. ME's interpretation of the AF classic is very well done too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

In My Face

Finally I have these in my possession now. Craigos forgot to post them, but I can't really blame him. Busy guy. Now get me that ad together Craig!
Tour edition of the Suffer Lone LP. Alternate sleeve. Crazy puke kind of colourway. Ragin. I've posted other versions of this record before with my two cents worth. I won't go into detail here.
And the test press with stenciled sleeve. Go figure.
Not sure if that's an '11', or a weird '4'. Help Craig?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I've Heard It Before

Just a few stragglers to chat about. First the black version of the Suffer/Pathetic Human 7". Already owning the pink version, I never made any plan to grab this one, but I noticed it tucked in amongst the stuff at my local this week gone past, so I figured as how I have everything else by the band (will post about the LP test and tour presses at a later date), that I may as well grab it. Probably my favourite Suffer stuff actually.
45 hole. No Patience Records.
And again, a record that I never really had any intention of grabbing. You know what I like, and if you're farmiliar with Chrome Dome, then you should know that it's not really my thing. Weird, psychodelic, hipster kind of stuff. I don't know how to describe it really. But I'll support anything a good Australian label does, and Lewis of No Patience Records is a good guy.
Lewis was up here in Brisbane recently when he dropped both this 7" and the Suffer/PH split off at Rocking Horse Records. I was in the store a few days later, as fate would have it.And what record collection is a real collection without Black Flag records? Do I really need to talk about these two?? Obviously not OG pressings.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Use My Third Arm

To coincide with the 14 year anniversary of the release of the Pantera album, The Great Southern Trendkill I have decided to post about an item that I received in the mail this week. I'll keep things simple: Far Beyond Driven is the album that has had the longest running influence on my overall musical tastes, period. I may not regularly listen to any Pantera these days, but Far Beyond Driven, along with Vulgar Display Of Power and The Great Southern Trendkill, are the three albums that made me like aggressive music. Metal and hardcore are just about the biggest things in my life these days (let's not deny it, they have always been so), so I suppose I could say with a certain confidence that this band changed my life. Wether they changed it for the good or the bad is up to debate though, I can be a pretty angry guy sometimes. Anyway, I was 13 or 14 and a friend at school leant me a tape of VDOP. 'Fucking Hostile' blew me away. I still want to start a band and cover that song.
This is the reissue 2xLP of Far Beyond Driven by the bands label Elektra. Along with this repress they also did Cowboys From Hell and VDOP. I didn't have the cash to spend at the time, so I chose just to grab this one. Had TGSTK been available I would have definitely ordered that too. Black wax. Original artwork that was 'banned'. Was it really banned, or was it just a hype builder? I may have only been 11 or 12 when this album first came out, but there were certainly other big bands issuing far more graphic artwork at the time.
Inside of the gatefold, with the more well known art. I prefer the skull anyway. More simple, more to the point. I doubt many would disagree. I'm not normally ever a fan of vinyl that's issued by big labels. It's like buying CD's; it's too generic most of the time, too sterile. But this is actually quality, yeah there's a fucking barcode on the back panel, but it's clean and tidy, and it seems as if some effort has been put in. If they decide to reissue TGSTK I will be all over it.
The dust covers act as the liner notes/lyric sheets etc. When I think about it these days, some of Phils lyrics (especially with this album and then TGSTK) got pretty intense at times, 'Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills' being a great example. Even as a kid, I never took them too seriously, I wasn't an idiot, but I remember the day my friend bought this CD under my recommendation, and his mum perused the lyric book. Fuck, she was not impressed. I mean we were only like 15. She was an uptight bitch, but I can't blame her for freaking out really. Up until that point this friend of mine had been a pretty good kid from what I can remember. We lost touch as we grew up, but last I heard, he had run off the tracks pretty bad. Drugs etc. I wonder if his parents blame me for this?
Say what you will about this band, and what has happened over the last decade, but they are still probably the most influential metal band of the 90's. I cried on my girlfriends shoulder the day I watched the news reporting of Dimebag's death, though I'm not sure if those emotions were brought about because of the shitty way he was murdered, or if was because of how fond I was of him. I mean, I loved all of the guys in the band, but I always liked Phil the most, not Dime. There's something about the miscreant, douche bag junkie in Phil that I've always been drawn to. Watch any videos of him these days and you'll see. Such a fucking rocker. I hate the idea of hero worship, but Phil is certainly a guy I very nearly idolize, and the fact that I can admit that, scares me just a little bit.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jungle Music

Two records that I know I'll never listen to ever again. Don't hate, obviously I do buy records before I have actually heard the band. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I'm not often let down by any purchase, but these two really are not my thing. First one, this Folded Shirt ep put out by Fashionable Idiots. I like most stuff that this label puts out, so I thought that I would give this one a hot try. Really not my thing. Spastic, weird, noisy crapola. Pretty sure most of it is a joke anyway. In a bio I read they used the following speal: "listen your IQ level straight down into the dirt". Pretty spot on. Song titles like 'Crazy Eyes', and '15 Year Old Kids'. You get the idea.
And this is the second s/t 7" by Broken Patterns. Again, another purchase based pretty much on the quality of the issuing labels good track record (and the list of members other bands, Knife Fight being one of them). I like Six Feet Under's style, but this is certainly out of my taste range, by a long shot. Danger House styled punk rock I guess. I like it angrier.
Not a massive fan of the layout or artwork either. Each to their own though I guess. Clear yellow type vinyl. Anyone who wants either of these records, hit me up.

While I have your attention, check out my man-friend Morgan's new blog. He talks about records, music, and anything and everything. Dude is backed. Square Eyes!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Owl Eyes

Another A389 Record tonight, this is the Oak s/t LP. Drone/doom is the best way to describe this I suppose. It's not like I listen to anything else like this really, my roommate showed me Sun O))) once, and I could never get into it, but when I heard one of the songs from this album online, I was mighty impressed, so I decided to get my hands on a hard copy. Black 180g plastic. Four songs over nearly 45 minutes.
Lush gatefold artwork, this would make a mighty good framed print or something. It very much suits the aesthetic of the band. Seems gatefold, epic artwork and this drone kind of stuff just go hand in hand.
Like I said, lush. I'm no 'audiophile', but I do really like this.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get Fucked Up

Just a few random 7"s to talk about. First up, the Gehenna/California Love split 7" out on A389 Records. Black vinyl. One new song by each band, both of which are available free online from the record label, I suppose this record is only really for vinyl nerds or mega fans of either band. Both songs are okay, Gehenna's being more of the same compared to earlier material. The Cali Love song is more of the same too I guess. Neither really get me playing them over and over again like other recent A389 bands, but they're both worth the listen.
More A389 stuff, the latest 7" by The Love Below. Sleazy, rough hardcore punk. The best thing about this record is the front cover. Photobucket deleted my pic of the topless women from the Integrity 10", but they left this. Whatever.
The latest Triac 7". Black vinyl with white smudges. This has been out for a while, and it's something that I have wanted for just as long, I guess I've just been too lazy to go about actually getting it. Spazzed grindcore with more basic 'hardcore' vocals as opposed to metal kind of stuff ala Insect Warfare etc. It's a good recording, but the newer stuff I've heard online is better. As far as I can tell, this group has members of Pulling Teeth or something?
And the Seraphim s/t 7" on brown wax. This is the pic of this post. Dark, doomy, sludgy hardcore. I didn't actually order this one, but Dom threw it in for free, I guess I order a fair bit from A389. I'm so glad he did, it fucking rules.