Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tape Day

Here's some tapes.
The Reckless Aggression demo tape. This thing has me floored. The best demo to come out of this country in years. Rough, pissed off hardcore from Melbourne. Meatdog's vocals are spot on. This is world class stuff. Look at the cover, you should know what to expect.
Melbourne skins.
And the two Fucked Up mix tapes. I'm not even a massive fan of Fucked Up, but these came at a really good price, and there are heaps of really good bands featured on here.
Obviously this split with Mind Eraser never happened, but I never knew it was in the pipeline until I read this. Would certainly have been interesting. ME's interpretation of the AF classic is very well done too.


Tim said...

I've got those Fucked Up tapes too. There is a mix tape 3 out there but I've never been able to track one down. I'm still hoping that Mind Eraser split will happen one day haha.


any way to get those two covers?dinojr sounds interesting