Monday, May 10, 2010

In My Face

Finally I have these in my possession now. Craigos forgot to post them, but I can't really blame him. Busy guy. Now get me that ad together Craig!
Tour edition of the Suffer Lone LP. Alternate sleeve. Crazy puke kind of colourway. Ragin. I've posted other versions of this record before with my two cents worth. I won't go into detail here.
And the test press with stenciled sleeve. Go figure.
Not sure if that's an '11', or a weird '4'. Help Craig?

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Good One Dick Head! said...

Yours is number 11.
I was trying some shit out with the test press covers, wanted them to look rough as fuck, and I ran out of money/screen emulsion to do a screen printed cover, so it is what it is.

I need to get you that ad this week, and I will, just waiting on 2 bits of info and then you'll have it.

Total ruler!