Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still capped

Will be posting about these in depth as soon as my internet stops being a turd (tonight at midnight hopefully).

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Trash Talk song...

Somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine, I have enjoyed Trash Talk for quite a while now. Seems alot of people have bad things to say about this band, but I just can't figure out why. I've got nothing bad to say about this band ever. They just get better and better. New song online now from their upcoming LP "Eyes And Nines". I will be ordering this certainly.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fetch The Pliers...

All week I've been forced to sit and watch my fellow bloggers post incessantly about their new wax scores, while not being able to play along myself. Put this one down to the fact that my internet is currently capped for another week or so, and I am certainly never going to be patient enough to upload in excess of 20 photos at slower than dial-up speeds. Fuck that. I've had a good handful of stuff land in the last week, and I'll be posting about them all ASAP. Fist yourself.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toy Town Crew

My boy Richie recently uploaded an interview on his blahg that he did (and that I contributed a few questions to) with Jason Clegg of Think I Care, Eating Rats, Dead Black etc. Go read, then tell him he's a homo for not using it for a real print zine.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is this shit?

Someone help me out?

Is this deliberate? Am I getting famous? Am I doomed to an eternity in the flames? I am really confused. Seriously, someone explain this to me, I am spacing out. Hahaha.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hell Massacre Records has just pressed this, the "Dark Worship" 7" by Innumerable Forms, Justin Detore's (Mind Eraser, No Tolerance etc) solo thing, as in he wrote and recorded all vocals, guitars, bass and drum for all of this, with just some session work from Chris Corry at the Pain Cave. I swear, not a single bad recording has ever come out of that place, across the board, no matter what it is.
This IS death metal. This has nothing to do with 'death-core'. I don't try and pretend that I listen to a whole lot of this kind of stuff, but I've heard it's comparable to bands like Grave, Abhorrence and Convulse. It's lo-fi, and fucking heavy. Heaps of blast beating, discordant fret work and just general misanthropy.
DFJ's vocals sound so fucking gnarly on this record. He's amazing with Mind Eraser, he's even better with this.
Painkiller are selling this, like I said a couple weeks ago. This green wax is of 100.
Now I have trouble seeing the real point in the following record, this is the Extortion 'miss press'. How you can miss press 100 records though, is beyond me. It's got the A side of "Terminal Cancer" on one side and the bands side of their split with Jed Whitey on the other. It's been put out by Coughing Cunt Records, I'm assuming DX is behind it.
Clearly it's making fun of Coffin Cut Records, who are about to release the Extortion demo 7". And I see the point to be honest. I think the idea of pressing to vinyl (and hyping the shit out of) such a lo-fi, shitty sounding demo tape that was released five years ago is kind of silly, but I'll buy anything with an Extortion logo on it, including said demo 7", and this waste of plastic.


Tape day, two new ones.
Suffer- Lone tape. This is the bands new album, of which the wax will be issued by Midnight Funeral Records very soon. This is intended for the tour the band is about to embark upon, but Mickey is a dude, so he sold me one early, that way I can mosh along when they're here next month.
Align Center
Artwork by Rohan Harrison. Silver ink on mat black card stock.
Vaccine demo tape. Paid too much for this obviously. Don't care.
New 7" on Painkiller this year. Eat your face.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Children Of The Horn

Just a quick post regarding a band that I've been somewhat fond of for a while now. Black Breath from Seattle have had their MLP, "Razor To Oblivion" out for a around 18 months now, and it's a release that I've been keen to get my hands on for that entire time. Well I finally managed to get around to ordering it last night from Southern Lord. Said label signed these guys last year after the original release of this album on Hot Mass Records, and then proceeded to press the CD version. Well the band have a new album out now, only on CD at this stage, entitled "Heavy Breathing". Again, Southern Lord have pressed it, but like I said, only on CD. I'm curious as to who's doing the wax. Anyway, there's a song up from the new album on the labels website, 'Children Of The Horn', and it fucking shreds. If you like that Motorhead meets Negative Approach tip that seems to be so popular at the moment, then you will like this. Easily the best stuff the band has done so far. Listen to the track, and tell me if you like it, I wanna know if it's just me, cause this band certainly doesn't get the recognition that I think they deserve. I find new music every day, but it's not often enough that I get this excited about it. Wow. Great song. On another note, check this artwork for the first release, Sooo good.
In completely unrelated news, I just read that Rot In Hell have a split 10" record coming out with Canada's Withdrawal. Escapist Records are pressing it. I just pissed my pants.
In more unrelated news, if you're not banging your head to Skeletonwitch, then eat a dick.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack Move!

I wasn't intending to make a wax post tonight, I've been listening heaps to the More To Pride 'This Is Life' 7" in the last hour and I was just going to say how rad this band was, but somehow it's turned into a record post. Anyway, Rivalry Records put this thing out in 2005, and for such a label this record always stood out to me amongst a roster of relatively boring, youth crew inspired, melodic slop. Apart from maybe one other band, More To Pride were the only thing that Rivalry had that interested me at the time. They're still pretty much the only thing worth my effort on that label. Now there's nothing new or groundbreaking going on here, it's just mid paced, moshy hardcore, with a heap of attitude, some really groovy breaks and mosh parts thrown in, with a generally tight (but rough in the right places) recording. All the makings of a classic for me. Such a shame that they broke up without recording anything more.

I bought this 7" from a mate in 2006. Blue vinyl of 850. A clear press of 150 also exists.
Came with the record release cover of which they printed 50. Do I need to tell you what it's rippin'?
Mine's 18 (no shit).
Now the vinyl version had six tracks in total. Rivalry also put out a CD version with ten songs all up. I've supplied you with an upload of the CD version. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick Dogs (Get Put Down)

Since I didn't get any goddamn records today (crossing my fingers for tomorrow, wednesday and thursday are the only two days of the week when I can make the post office), I'm just gonna post about stuff I already have. I might make the effort to do this more often.
Arms Reach from Newcastle, Australia, played good, fast, pissy hardcore about 12 years ago. It's hard to really catergorise precisely, but I guesss it's comparible to Infest styled stuff, with a little more straight up thrash. In any case their entire discog has got a distinctively 90's vibe going on mix wise. As far as I know I have the entire wax output. If you're unfamiliar of whom this band was comprised of, I don't know if you really deserve to find out? If you're Australian you should certainly know. Members of current and past favourites.
Within Our Reach 7"
Shortfuse Records.
Someone help me out with this? Random insert indeed. Newtown isn't even in Newcastle.
I nabbed this in a good deal with a collector about 18 months ago, possibly a little more. People seem to be wiling to pay quite a bit for this record, and understandably so. I only dropped something like 30 clams for my copy.
Split 7" with the UK's Scalplock.
Shortfuse Records.
I grabbed this on eBay a few years ago I think I paid something like $20.
Split 7" with (edit) Canberra's Forward Defense.
I'm not 100% sure about how I got my hands on this one, sometimes things get away from me with my age, but I've got a fair idea that this was the fruit of a deal with a user of a local forum that I frequent. Little cash was paid if memory serves.
Snapshot Records.
End of the day, the band does have more recorded material in the form of an LP, and possibly a few comp tracks, but as far as I am aware this is everything they did for vinyl.

No Fucking Records

Fuck this shit.
Anyway, since I'm posting I may as well tell you about a couple of blog's that I'm enjoying at the moment. Craigos has just started his new record collecting blog, Good One Dickhead.
And Heap Through Hoarding. Ryan has been doing this blog for a little while now, but he's recently changed the name, and started to post more frequently.
Both of these dudes have fantastic taste in music. Do yourself a favour, check them both out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dark Worship

I'm going to the post office tomorrow. If there's not a massive amount of stuff waiting for me I'll kill the cunt that works there. I've never liked him anyway. Following is a list of stuff that I may be blogging about..

Aerosols LP with their 4th 7"
The last Cursed 7"
Extortion mis-press 7"
Extortion demo 7"
Fucked Up- Generations cassette I
Fucked Up- Generations cassette II
Gehenna/Cali Love split 7"
Grinning Death's Head LP
Innumerable Forms 7"
The Love Below 7"
Mature Situations 7"
Nazi Dust 7"
Nightstick Justice- Claustrophobic 7"
Piece By Piece LP
Suffer LP x2
Vaccine demo cassette
Virgin Witch 7"

Should be a good update. Shit in your hat.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This week my life has been consumed by one band... Nazi Dust. Now I've been aware of these guys, and also had the digital of their demo since the end of last year, but until this week I have never paid a huge amount of attention to it. I don't know why though, as this thing fucking shreds. I wish that I had given it more time last year so I could have raved on about it with my '09 year end post. This thing stands up with the Vaccine demo in execution and sheer quality. Holy shit. Scummy, fast hardcore ala Cleveland/H100s etc, they infact remind me a hell of alot of Australia's own Straight Jacket Nation, except better. It wasn't until this week that I also realised that they have more recorded output. I was always aware of a 7", but for some unknown reason, I thought said record was just the demo pressed to wax. But no it isn't, it's all new songs. Score. With that said though, the demo is still the better material. Interesting fact: they're a straight edge band, which kind of surprised me considering how they sound.
Now the point of this post is so that I can give you links to the bands output. None of these uploads are mine, and if you like what you hear, you'd better be buying the bands s/t 7" which has just been pressed for a second time by Youth Attack Records, otherwise you're an arsehole. You can buy the record here, and I'm sure you can get it other places aswell.

This Demo Tape upload comes thanks to the I Could Die Tomorrow blog. Be aware though, that the tags are incorrect. The second last track, 'Bad Blood' is actually said track plus the song 'Fervor' as the one file. Don't worry, it's not hard to hear where the songs split. The last track tagged 'Fervor' is actually a DYS cover, 'Brotherhood'. And I must say that it may just be the best song on the demo. Amazing, and much better than the original. That main riff blows my head off every time. Anyway, hope that makes sense.

s/t 7" thanks to Toxicbreed's blog. A new recording, but it fails to translate the real live feeling of the demo. It's still great none the less, the demo just makes it seem weaker. They've re-recorded two cuts from the tape here too.

'The World Itself Is A Bad Dream' Comp tracks thanks to the bands own blog. Drugged Conscience put this out last year, but it's long gone. They re-recorded one of these tracks for the 7".

Saturday, March 6, 2010

No, Thanks.

Sooooo today I was supposed to bid on the 'Feeding Frenzy' 7" by Shark Attack on eBay, but amid my busy day at work, I forgot all about it. Piss. This came out on My War Records about four or five years ago. It's the bands demo repressed to wax and in my opinion it's better than the 'Blood In The Water' 7" that My War put out (and was later reissued on B9). It's been on my want list for a good two years or more now, and in that time I've only seen it come up maybe three or four times. Each time it went for a reasonable amount, and I was outbid. Well today it went for a measly $27 Australian. Now I have more expensive and more sought after records on my want list, but this thing just seems to constantly elude me one way or another and I'm getting tired of not owning it. Help me out. I need this 7". Comment this post.
And while I'm at it, I still want that Knife Fight shirt that I spoke of a few months ago. Comment here too. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painkiller stuff

The Innumerable Forms 7" is now available to purchase at Painkiller Records. I discussed this record a few months ago. DFJ solo thing. Killing it. The label also just uploaded a track from the upcoming Knife Fight 7". Annnd it looks like they're doing the next Vaccine record too. You just shat didn't you? Don't deny it, I know you did.

Fucked Up On PCP

Whenever I put out a zine, I put my want list in it somewhere. Recently I was lucky enough to have Christoph from No Escape Records email me regarding one of my wants after he read issue 3 of Downsided. Insect Warfare are one of my favourite bands and the only record of theirs that I needed was the split with Boltstein.
Well, obviously I don't need it anymore. Thanks Christoph.
He was also gracious enough to throw in a copy of his bands demo tape. Doubled Over play what he describes as grind with some sludge. They also do a Haymaker cover, so you know they have good taste. All I can say is that it fucking rips. Wow. Certainly a band worth keeping an eye out for.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuck Your Faith

Vaccine, along with a slew of other Massachusetts bands were part of a good comp tape last year called Wild Wild West. I never got my hands on a copy, but I did just find this rip. Go wild.

TV Party

Okay I just ordered this shirt. Don't hate.