Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fucked Up On PCP

Whenever I put out a zine, I put my want list in it somewhere. Recently I was lucky enough to have Christoph from No Escape Records email me regarding one of my wants after he read issue 3 of Downsided. Insect Warfare are one of my favourite bands and the only record of theirs that I needed was the split with Boltstein.
Well, obviously I don't need it anymore. Thanks Christoph.
He was also gracious enough to throw in a copy of his bands demo tape. Doubled Over play what he describes as grind with some sludge. They also do a Haymaker cover, so you know they have good taste. All I can say is that it fucking rips. Wow. Certainly a band worth keeping an eye out for.


Good One Dick Head! said...

Seriously, how rad is christoph!?

Hate Your Guts said...

Christoph is a killer dude. Doubled Over demo is also fucking sick!

Sean said...

i've never met him in person, and before he emiled me i wasn't really familiar at all with the label or band. glad he got in contact, band is great.