Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The Rival Mob- Australian Tour Promo Cassette (Trash King Productions)
First Edition, 2015

Australia was lucky enough to be graced with a handful of live shows by Boston elite, The Rival Mob throughout December this year. Everything you see online isn't an exaggeration, they are a total powerhouse live.
This is the tour promo tape they were selling along the way. Three original tracks and a Rampage cover. Pure excellence. If I was going to complain about anything, all it would be about is how there's not enough material here. This thing is constantly playing over and over at my house at the moment. This band never disappoints.
They also printed a handful of shirts with the same front design. I wonder how many kids realise that they're walking around in 'Sabbath shirts at the moment??

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Extortion- "Live At The Reverence Hotel 26/10/2012" Cassette (Asbestos Death)
First Edition, 2015

Newish (in terms of the flow of the bands releases these days anyway) live tape from Extortion, released by Blayke and his label Asbestos Death earlier this year. Relatively good recording of a spread of the bands stuff in about 15 minutes. Probably not for the fairweathered fan, this thing certainly suits the extreme fan/collector (i.e. people like me). 100 copies in total, mine is numbered 35.