Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Converge tour 2010

w/ Genghis Tron

Tue March 16 Amplifier, Perth
Tickets from Moshtix outlets and

Wed March 17 Fowlers, Adelaide
Tickets on sale from Venue Tix and Moshtix outlets, and

Thur March 18 Corner, Melbourne
Tickets from the venue 03 9427 9198 &

Fri March 19 Manning Bar, Sydney
Tickets from Resist, Moshtix outlets,, Manning Bar and

Sat March 20 Hi Fi, Brisbane
Tickets from, 1300 843 4434, Kill The Music, Rocking Horse, Mosh Pit, Sunflower Pacific Fair, Disasterpiece and Butterbeats.

I'm gonna try and make it to the Sydney show too. Friends who can, who's down?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Society Sucker

I went to my local record store the other day after having not visited the place in around five or six weeks (I've been saving $$). I was only in the place for five minutes, and I grabbed these:
Well I didn't pay any money for this Converge print. As part of the Axe To Fall hype train that I mentioned a few days ago, one of the many pre order packs that the band did contained this very print. I didn't order it, money was tight at the time, and it's just another boring print anyway, so I wasn't worried at all. Anyway Paul, owner of Kill The Music had a handful of these that he was supposed to give away with the CD version of the album thanks to Epitaph or something. I didn't buy the CD but he gave me one anyway. I've talked about what I think of Bannons art, this is no different, but I am certainly siked on free shit.
The Bridge Nine official re-issue of the Victim In Pain LP. Boring gatefold cover, I'd have preferred some skins in boots moshing the shit out of everything. Black wax.

The new Outbreak album. Gatefold. Green with black smudge of 700. I haven't listened to this enough yet to make make a proper opinion, but so far, it aint that great. How much did this bands hype die off? Crazy huh?
It's a Trustkill/Think Fast split release. I am really curious how that happened. I know that this new Saw movie soundtrack has been officially released by Trustkill, and that Outbreak have a track on it. I wonder if they're making the mad cheese.
And the new Every Time I Die LP. Another gatefold. Pink wax of 400. These guys are my guilty pleasure. I love a few of their earlier albums so much, but I haven't been able to get into this new album that much.
All of the artwork has been handled by the bands guitarist I think I heard. Great stuff.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Converge Axe To Fall LP

I've got ALOT of random thoughts and ideas about this band these days. Alot about them has changed in the last six years or so. On the level, this LP is the fucking shit. Easily the best thing they've done since Jane Doe, and it even somewhat contests that albums spot on the top of the mantle.
Concerning these random thoughts that I speak of though, the "DIY" persona that these guys seem to have developed over their career rubs me up the wrong way somewhat. I love Converge, don't get me wrong, and I can admit that they do have a very DIY grounded back catalogue (especially with the 90's stuff), I can't fault a single note that Kurt Ballou has ever written, even the early early records gimme a boner, it's just that obviously these days, Converge are a big name hardcore/metal/punk band, and with such a reputation comes alot less time to perhaps pay attention to every detail and aspect that a real DIY band would be able to. Alot of hype was generated about this album online prior to it's release. I mean ALOT. Alot by Epitaph, and alot by Deathwish. I remember six weeks ago it was everywhere. Also my Facebook is constantly inundated with Converge updates about their current tour, Axe To Fall reviews, and random crap, at least two every hour. I find it very hard to believe that the band members are doing this themselves. How would they find time on tour? I know for a fact that they spam the shit out Twitter and Myspace too. To me spamming is not the most DIY approach.
Another thing that I normally have a problem with any band doing, is pressing a million different variants of one record. What does it achieve? It's lucky I'm not a bat-shit crazy Converge collector like I am with Extortion, as I'd be fucking dead broke if I was. Believe it though, when I say that there are kids out there that sink every single one of their hard earned dollars into collecting Converge records. Here's the pressing info with this record, it's pretty ridiculous:

First Press
100 - Clear w/ colored shards
300 - Solid Blue and Beer split with yellow splatter
400 - Beer w/ blue white and yellow splatter
500 - Cream (Epitaph mail-order exclusive)
800 - Beer, Coke Bottle Blue and black tricolor
1000 - Beer (European exclusive)
2000 - Coke Bottle Blue
2000 - Solid Light Blue

Now tell me that you don't think that's a little retarded. Of course it is. But it makes money right? Judging by how much older Converge stuff has been going on eBay for over the last five years, I know that that press of 100 clear with coloured shards is going to fetch some big dollars over the next twelve months. It's capitalism.

Anyway, I'll get off my high horse, this record is still a ball tearer.

Kinda pissed, I got in early (well I thought I did?) and all I got was this Beer, Coke Bottle Blue and black tricolor press of 800. It's great looking but I really wanted one of those clear with shard presses, they look amazing. I'll settle with this though.
Two inner dust sleeves. I'm kind of confused as to why or how this happened. The wax came in a standard white dust sleeve, but the second sleeve is this glossy insert here with all of the album credits on it.
Gatefold LP as standard with modern Converge. Boring artwork. I'll admit that Bannon has talent, but every album since 2000 has had a very similar/formulaic aesthetic. I did like You Fail Me quite a bit though, but this looks like an exact splice of Jane Doe and No Heroes.
I don't like bagging this band at all. I like to believe that they are the sole reason that I listen to alot of what I do these days, so I won't continue with my tirade, all I'll say is this record is definitely worth getting your hands on, it's certainly a strong contestant for my long player of the year.

Mother Of Mercy LP

I turned 26 yesterday. My mate Chris gave me this as a present. I raved on about this album recently, after getting my hand on the digital version. So he grabbed this for me from the Six Feet Under distro at the Trapped Under Ice show last week. Red and cream split with black smudge of 259.
Like I said, Iv'e got the digital, so the first person to see this and follow the link on the slip, gets it. Lucky boy/girl.
It was really hard to get a good photo of the LP, because of that shitty colour that the title font is in.

Extortion pre orders

So Resist Records now has pre orders up for the new Extortion 10", "Loose Screws", due out in January. I thought that Deep Six were gonna be doing the wax version of this release, but maybe I'm wrong, or maybe they still will be. Apparently this Resist press is 'limited', so I suppose that leaves room for an American Deep Six version. You all know me though, I'll be getting it all.

Edit- The 10" is a Resist/Deep Six split release, both labels will be doing mail order, but it will be the exact same record from both labels, so if you're a nut like I am, don't bother doing two separate orders like I was going to, you'll get the same record. The band have put a new song, "Degrade" up on their Myspace. Rager. Go.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Great American Mix Tape

I just discovered this new blog published by the singer of Living Hell. Full of quite alot of random stuff, one of his earlier posts is this mix tape that he's put together. Now I originally discovered this blog after I googled 'New Lows Paincave Sessions tape'. You see I was looking for a DL of said tape as original copies were sold at Sound And Fury earlier in the year, and I was hoping that someone would had to have uploaded it somewhere by now. Well now it turns out that Painkiller finally have copies for sale in their web store, though it seems that they've kept in on the stealth (no mention anywhere on the site). I bought one, and a copy of the new Force Fed 7". Couldn't help myself.
Anyway back to my original point... I couldn't find a DL of the whole New Lows tape, but Craig has included one track from it in this mix tape that he has uploaded. Prior to downloading I didn't look at any of the track listing other than the New Lows song, but I've really landed on a winner here as also included is a new Dead Black song. Well I don't really know about new, but it's certainly a song that I haven't heard, that isn't on the demo tape. Night = made. Yhew. Download this mix tape if you know what is good for you, and keep an eye on this blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Burning Love Demo 7"

My mate Timothy managed to get his hands on a few copies of the Burning Love demo 7" last week, and I bought one off him. This has been put out by Thirty Days Of Nights Records. I'm not in much of a writing mood tonight. I'll let the photos do the talking.
They cover "I Don't Like You" by Battalion Of Saints on here, they should have done "My Mind's Diseased" though.
Red with white splatter of 200.
Apparently the band has an LP due out on Deranged next year, along with a split 5" with my favourite UK sonic assailants, Rot In Hell. Good stuff.


This is the Dead Black demo tape from a couple years back. Numbered 9 of 100. I picked this up on eBay for $1.50 plus postage. I couldn't believe it. Last time I had a bid at this it went for something like $30. Very happy.
Earlier this year a friend of mine interviewed this troupe of noise terrorists in his zine, and in doing so inspired me to check them out. To describe them would be a tricky task at best, but I suppose you could say that they play an interpretation of bass driven hardcore like Neanderthal and mix it up with something like the electronic tendencies Godflesh used in the mid/late 90's. Noisy, droned out dirge-core. There's even a track on here called 'Dirge'.
Like it really matters, but the tape credits read like a who's who of Boston hardcore. Jason Clegg (Think I Care, though, thanks to the crazy reverb on his pipes, you'd never know it was him) on vox, DFJ (Mind Eraser, No Tolerance plus a shit tonne more) on geeetar, vox and programming, with Chris Cory helping out with some additional sounds as well. It's a shame they never made anything more of this band. I heard a 7" was due at some point, but I also heard more recently that they broke up. Anyone out there who knows anything contrary hit me up. An ep from this unit would surely mean the end of civilisation as we all know it. The soundtrack to our oblivion.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Urban Blight LP

More stuff in the mail today, well, just this one MLP, "More Reality" by Urban Blight from (edit) Toronto. I really liked this bands demo and s/t 7" from a few years back. Dirty Boston/NY cross-over with great, gruff vocals that sound like they were lifted straight outta Boston circa '82. When I first heard the digital of this MLP though, I wasn't as siked. The mix just seemed way too rough for my likings, and I was kind of quick to dismiss it. Literally most of what's going on here sounds like it was recorded through a tin can, I heard it was all done with a four track. But I've been giving it more time lately, and it has really grown on me. I am perhaps liking this stuff more than the earlier recordings now, so I got me a hard copy.
The sleeve is a standard that Slasher Records is using for all of the stuff they plan to release apparently. Hence a whole pile of different bands on it. They just had the Urban Blight stickers printed for this MLP, the same I assume they'll do for each subsequent band they release. It's obviously a deliberate rip on a hip hop 12" single too. It works.
There's three songs in particular on here that blow my head off every time. 'Cut Back', 'Fake Attitudes', and 'Blight Makes Right'. Easily the three best songs of this style this year.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Distort issues #23, #24, and #25

I have been waiting for these for a little while now, as you may be able to imagine, I was stoked to find these in my post box today. The latest three issues of Distort fanzine.
Issues #23 and #24 come as standard print matter. Interviews with Watery Love, Wasted Time, and Waste Management, along with a SE Asia, Straight Jacket Nation tour diary in #23. #24 Consists mostly of just random printed stuff, dragged out from DX's private collection of stuff that he has apparently hoarded over the years.
Issue #25 is the Extortion/Jed Whitey split 7". I already have a regular copy of this 7", of which I posted about a month ago or so, but this copy has the limited (of 150) subscribers cover.
As you can see, it's just a black and white news print version of the standard sleeve. But on the backside it's got the routine inner notes that come with every issue of Distort print zine.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dumb Hardcore fanzine #3

So as you can see I've got a few copies of this to give away. One here is mine, and another is spoken for, but if you want one of the remaining three, hit me up via the comments, and I'll send you a copy for free.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Enough of your shit, I've had it up to here.
It's time I made my intentions clear.
I don't give a fuck about your skinhead pride,
And I couldn't care less about the lower east side.
I'm just a working class slob who's tired of getting the short end of the stick.
It ain't my problem if I'm not like you,
And I'm not sucking Uncle Sam's dick.
You call that negative? Think I'm out of touch?
I can't stand living, I can't stand you, and I just can't hate enough.
You say my hatred has blinded me where I can't see as far as I can spit.
But that's where you're wrong cause I can see quite clear,
And I can see that you're full of shit.
You call that negative? Think I'm out of touch?
I can't stand living, I can't stand you, and I just can't hate enough.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New In Disgust Tracks

As the title states. They recently posted three new songs from their forthcoming split LP with Pretty Little Flower. I've been waiting for these for ages. They fucking shred. Go listen, and download.