Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Great American Mix Tape

I just discovered this new blog published by the singer of Living Hell. Full of quite alot of random stuff, one of his earlier posts is this mix tape that he's put together. Now I originally discovered this blog after I googled 'New Lows Paincave Sessions tape'. You see I was looking for a DL of said tape as original copies were sold at Sound And Fury earlier in the year, and I was hoping that someone would had to have uploaded it somewhere by now. Well now it turns out that Painkiller finally have copies for sale in their web store, though it seems that they've kept in on the stealth (no mention anywhere on the site). I bought one, and a copy of the new Force Fed 7". Couldn't help myself.
Anyway back to my original point... I couldn't find a DL of the whole New Lows tape, but Craig has included one track from it in this mix tape that he has uploaded. Prior to downloading I didn't look at any of the track listing other than the New Lows song, but I've really landed on a winner here as also included is a new Dead Black song. Well I don't really know about new, but it's certainly a song that I haven't heard, that isn't on the demo tape. Night = made. Yhew. Download this mix tape if you know what is good for you, and keep an eye on this blog.

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