Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Extortion pre orders

So Resist Records now has pre orders up for the new Extortion 10", "Loose Screws", due out in January. I thought that Deep Six were gonna be doing the wax version of this release, but maybe I'm wrong, or maybe they still will be. Apparently this Resist press is 'limited', so I suppose that leaves room for an American Deep Six version. You all know me though, I'll be getting it all.

Edit- The 10" is a Resist/Deep Six split release, both labels will be doing mail order, but it will be the exact same record from both labels, so if you're a nut like I am, don't bother doing two separate orders like I was going to, you'll get the same record. The band have put a new song, "Degrade" up on their Myspace. Rager. Go.

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