Sunday, November 13, 2016


Nails- "You Will Never Be One Of Us" LP (Nuclear Blast)
First Pressing, 2016
Black Vinyl /??

Maybe they have helped introduce more underground aspects of Hardcore, Grind and Metal to a bit of a wider 'bro' demographic, but if you don't think about that, it's pretty impressive that a band like Nails have been able to release an album on a uber big Metal label without altering their sound at all. I had never been a massive fan of the band before this LP, due mostly to Todd Jones less than powerful vocal performances, but it seems that his ability has grown a lot here, perhaps as a conscious effort on his part to expand, or perhaps due to some technical tricks utilised by engineer Kurt Balou... I am not sure. Regardless, what you get here is impressive Grind spiked Hardcore that could easily be some of the strongest material that Nuclear Blast has released in years.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Magic Circle- "Journey Blind" (20 Buck Spin)
First Pressing, 2015
Black Vinyl /??

Superb follow up LP to 2013's immense Self Titled album, this is last year's, "Journey Blind" from Magic Circle. 2016 has certainly blown by quickly for me, it's hard to comprehend that this album has been out for more than 12 months now. Once again, brilliantly executed proto Doom Metal that takes obvious and even obnoxious cues from first Ozzy era 'Sabbath. Maybe not as great as the first album, but certainly the strongest example of any band doing this style in a modern context.