Sunday, November 13, 2016


Nails- "You Will Never Be One Of Us" LP (Nuclear Blast)
First Pressing, 2016
Black Vinyl /??

Maybe they have helped introduce more underground aspects of Hardcore, Grind and Metal to a bit of a wider 'bro' demographic, but if you don't think about that, it's pretty impressive that a band like Nails have been able to release an album on a uber big Metal label without altering their sound at all. I had never been a massive fan of the band before this LP, due mostly to Todd Jones less than powerful vocal performances, but it seems that his ability has grown a lot here, perhaps as a conscious effort on his part to expand, or perhaps due to some technical tricks utilised by engineer Kurt Balou... I am not sure. Regardless, what you get here is impressive Grind spiked Hardcore that could easily be some of the strongest material that Nuclear Blast has released in years.

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