Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Urban Blight LP

More stuff in the mail today, well, just this one MLP, "More Reality" by Urban Blight from (edit) Toronto. I really liked this bands demo and s/t 7" from a few years back. Dirty Boston/NY cross-over with great, gruff vocals that sound like they were lifted straight outta Boston circa '82. When I first heard the digital of this MLP though, I wasn't as siked. The mix just seemed way too rough for my likings, and I was kind of quick to dismiss it. Literally most of what's going on here sounds like it was recorded through a tin can, I heard it was all done with a four track. But I've been giving it more time lately, and it has really grown on me. I am perhaps liking this stuff more than the earlier recordings now, so I got me a hard copy.
The sleeve is a standard that Slasher Records is using for all of the stuff they plan to release apparently. Hence a whole pile of different bands on it. They just had the Urban Blight stickers printed for this MLP, the same I assume they'll do for each subsequent band they release. It's obviously a deliberate rip on a hip hop 12" single too. It works.
There's three songs in particular on here that blow my head off every time. 'Cut Back', 'Fake Attitudes', and 'Blight Makes Right'. Easily the three best songs of this style this year.