Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hell Massacre Records has just pressed this, the "Dark Worship" 7" by Innumerable Forms, Justin Detore's (Mind Eraser, No Tolerance etc) solo thing, as in he wrote and recorded all vocals, guitars, bass and drum for all of this, with just some session work from Chris Corry at the Pain Cave. I swear, not a single bad recording has ever come out of that place, across the board, no matter what it is.
This IS death metal. This has nothing to do with 'death-core'. I don't try and pretend that I listen to a whole lot of this kind of stuff, but I've heard it's comparable to bands like Grave, Abhorrence and Convulse. It's lo-fi, and fucking heavy. Heaps of blast beating, discordant fret work and just general misanthropy.
DFJ's vocals sound so fucking gnarly on this record. He's amazing with Mind Eraser, he's even better with this.
Painkiller are selling this, like I said a couple weeks ago. This green wax is of 100.
Now I have trouble seeing the real point in the following record, this is the Extortion 'miss press'. How you can miss press 100 records though, is beyond me. It's got the A side of "Terminal Cancer" on one side and the bands side of their split with Jed Whitey on the other. It's been put out by Coughing Cunt Records, I'm assuming DX is behind it.
Clearly it's making fun of Coffin Cut Records, who are about to release the Extortion demo 7". And I see the point to be honest. I think the idea of pressing to vinyl (and hyping the shit out of) such a lo-fi, shitty sounding demo tape that was released five years ago is kind of silly, but I'll buy anything with an Extortion logo on it, including said demo 7", and this waste of plastic.


Good One Dick Head! said...

I actually want one of those Extortion records. Where the fuck can I gets me one!?

Sean said...

dan stewart sod it to me. you should email him. he's prob got heaps.