Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick Dogs (Get Put Down)

Since I didn't get any goddamn records today (crossing my fingers for tomorrow, wednesday and thursday are the only two days of the week when I can make the post office), I'm just gonna post about stuff I already have. I might make the effort to do this more often.
Arms Reach from Newcastle, Australia, played good, fast, pissy hardcore about 12 years ago. It's hard to really catergorise precisely, but I guesss it's comparible to Infest styled stuff, with a little more straight up thrash. In any case their entire discog has got a distinctively 90's vibe going on mix wise. As far as I know I have the entire wax output. If you're unfamiliar of whom this band was comprised of, I don't know if you really deserve to find out? If you're Australian you should certainly know. Members of current and past favourites.
Within Our Reach 7"
Shortfuse Records.
Someone help me out with this? Random insert indeed. Newtown isn't even in Newcastle.
I nabbed this in a good deal with a collector about 18 months ago, possibly a little more. People seem to be wiling to pay quite a bit for this record, and understandably so. I only dropped something like 30 clams for my copy.
Split 7" with the UK's Scalplock.
Shortfuse Records.
I grabbed this on eBay a few years ago I think I paid something like $20.
Split 7" with (edit) Canberra's Forward Defense.
I'm not 100% sure about how I got my hands on this one, sometimes things get away from me with my age, but I've got a fair idea that this was the fruit of a deal with a user of a local forum that I frequent. Little cash was paid if memory serves.
Snapshot Records.
End of the day, the band does have more recorded material in the form of an LP, and possibly a few comp tracks, but as far as I am aware this is everything they did for vinyl.


Beau said...

They did a split demo with FMD and a full length CD on Shortfuse. Forward Defence were from Canberra, dummy.

Sean said...

ahh i knew that, thanks.

Thomo said...

Yeah i was just about to say they were from canberra