Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack Move!

I wasn't intending to make a wax post tonight, I've been listening heaps to the More To Pride 'This Is Life' 7" in the last hour and I was just going to say how rad this band was, but somehow it's turned into a record post. Anyway, Rivalry Records put this thing out in 2005, and for such a label this record always stood out to me amongst a roster of relatively boring, youth crew inspired, melodic slop. Apart from maybe one other band, More To Pride were the only thing that Rivalry had that interested me at the time. They're still pretty much the only thing worth my effort on that label. Now there's nothing new or groundbreaking going on here, it's just mid paced, moshy hardcore, with a heap of attitude, some really groovy breaks and mosh parts thrown in, with a generally tight (but rough in the right places) recording. All the makings of a classic for me. Such a shame that they broke up without recording anything more.

I bought this 7" from a mate in 2006. Blue vinyl of 850. A clear press of 150 also exists.
Came with the record release cover of which they printed 50. Do I need to tell you what it's rippin'?
Mine's 18 (no shit).
Now the vinyl version had six tracks in total. Rivalry also put out a CD version with ten songs all up. I've supplied you with an upload of the CD version. Enjoy.

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