Saturday, March 13, 2010

Children Of The Horn

Just a quick post regarding a band that I've been somewhat fond of for a while now. Black Breath from Seattle have had their MLP, "Razor To Oblivion" out for a around 18 months now, and it's a release that I've been keen to get my hands on for that entire time. Well I finally managed to get around to ordering it last night from Southern Lord. Said label signed these guys last year after the original release of this album on Hot Mass Records, and then proceeded to press the CD version. Well the band have a new album out now, only on CD at this stage, entitled "Heavy Breathing". Again, Southern Lord have pressed it, but like I said, only on CD. I'm curious as to who's doing the wax. Anyway, there's a song up from the new album on the labels website, 'Children Of The Horn', and it fucking shreds. If you like that Motorhead meets Negative Approach tip that seems to be so popular at the moment, then you will like this. Easily the best stuff the band has done so far. Listen to the track, and tell me if you like it, I wanna know if it's just me, cause this band certainly doesn't get the recognition that I think they deserve. I find new music every day, but it's not often enough that I get this excited about it. Wow. Great song. On another note, check this artwork for the first release, Sooo good.
In completely unrelated news, I just read that Rot In Hell have a split 10" record coming out with Canada's Withdrawal. Escapist Records are pressing it. I just pissed my pants.
In more unrelated news, if you're not banging your head to Skeletonwitch, then eat a dick.


Frank said...

Sean, thanks much for the tip on Black Breath. I often overlook the stuff that Southern Lord has been putting out lately but this shreds. Their LP is officially added to my 'want' list.

timothy hegoat aka knee deep in the dead said...

I only just discovered black breath like a month ago. and instanly wanted to hear more after "razor to oblivion" so im that keen on "heavy breathing"