Sunday, March 7, 2010


This week my life has been consumed by one band... Nazi Dust. Now I've been aware of these guys, and also had the digital of their demo since the end of last year, but until this week I have never paid a huge amount of attention to it. I don't know why though, as this thing fucking shreds. I wish that I had given it more time last year so I could have raved on about it with my '09 year end post. This thing stands up with the Vaccine demo in execution and sheer quality. Holy shit. Scummy, fast hardcore ala Cleveland/H100s etc, they infact remind me a hell of alot of Australia's own Straight Jacket Nation, except better. It wasn't until this week that I also realised that they have more recorded output. I was always aware of a 7", but for some unknown reason, I thought said record was just the demo pressed to wax. But no it isn't, it's all new songs. Score. With that said though, the demo is still the better material. Interesting fact: they're a straight edge band, which kind of surprised me considering how they sound.
Now the point of this post is so that I can give you links to the bands output. None of these uploads are mine, and if you like what you hear, you'd better be buying the bands s/t 7" which has just been pressed for a second time by Youth Attack Records, otherwise you're an arsehole. You can buy the record here, and I'm sure you can get it other places aswell.

This Demo Tape upload comes thanks to the I Could Die Tomorrow blog. Be aware though, that the tags are incorrect. The second last track, 'Bad Blood' is actually said track plus the song 'Fervor' as the one file. Don't worry, it's not hard to hear where the songs split. The last track tagged 'Fervor' is actually a DYS cover, 'Brotherhood'. And I must say that it may just be the best song on the demo. Amazing, and much better than the original. That main riff blows my head off every time. Anyway, hope that makes sense.

s/t 7" thanks to Toxicbreed's blog. A new recording, but it fails to translate the real live feeling of the demo. It's still great none the less, the demo just makes it seem weaker. They've re-recorded two cuts from the tape here too.

'The World Itself Is A Bad Dream' Comp tracks thanks to the bands own blog. Drugged Conscience put this out last year, but it's long gone. They re-recorded one of these tracks for the 7".


Tim said...

I'm still waiting for this 7" to arrive in the post. Cheers for the links, at least now I can hear it.

AboveSnakes said...

The World itself is a bad dream comp was just repressed, its available again on Drugged Conscience.