Saturday, March 6, 2010

No, Thanks.

Sooooo today I was supposed to bid on the 'Feeding Frenzy' 7" by Shark Attack on eBay, but amid my busy day at work, I forgot all about it. Piss. This came out on My War Records about four or five years ago. It's the bands demo repressed to wax and in my opinion it's better than the 'Blood In The Water' 7" that My War put out (and was later reissued on B9). It's been on my want list for a good two years or more now, and in that time I've only seen it come up maybe three or four times. Each time it went for a reasonable amount, and I was outbid. Well today it went for a measly $27 Australian. Now I have more expensive and more sought after records on my want list, but this thing just seems to constantly elude me one way or another and I'm getting tired of not owning it. Help me out. I need this 7". Comment this post.
And while I'm at it, I still want that Knife Fight shirt that I spoke of a few months ago. Comment here too. Thanks.


Beau said...

Ive got the original tape demo dawg.

Sean said...

may seem weird man, but i only want the 7" at the moment just because i already have the other 7" and it needs a companion. i wont want the tape till i have the record first. my OCD does get strange sometimes. that is to say though, if you were actually offering it to me, or merely gloating? :D

Beau said...

I'd trade or sell it.