Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dark Worship

I'm going to the post office tomorrow. If there's not a massive amount of stuff waiting for me I'll kill the cunt that works there. I've never liked him anyway. Following is a list of stuff that I may be blogging about..

Aerosols LP with their 4th 7"
The last Cursed 7"
Extortion mis-press 7"
Extortion demo 7"
Fucked Up- Generations cassette I
Fucked Up- Generations cassette II
Gehenna/Cali Love split 7"
Grinning Death's Head LP
Innumerable Forms 7"
The Love Below 7"
Mature Situations 7"
Nazi Dust 7"
Nightstick Justice- Claustrophobic 7"
Piece By Piece LP
Suffer LP x2
Vaccine demo cassette
Virgin Witch 7"

Should be a good update. Shit in your hat.


Good One Dick Head! said...

Suffer records ares till 3 weeks away amigo!


Sean said...

yeah i know, i just put all of my 'on the way' list up there. thought you may see that, all good. micky sold me a lone tape last night which should tie me over till the LP.