Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Grandma's Fucking A Tranny From Alaska

So I'm currently on a little of a saving bend, as I'm planning to hit NYC with a friend over new years eve this year, and I also just dropped 8g's on a much needed new/used car, so heavy record flow isn't happening at the moment. I'm hoping that after I pay off the money I borrowed for the car (I'm paying $500+ a week), I will be able to get back to my regular, nasty spending habits, but don't get too excited, I like actually having cash in the bank. With that said though, I actually feel like I'm getting left behind, as I have to try and keep up with my new Australian fellow bloggers. I'm a competitive cunt, and you guys are leaving me for dust at the moment. Humbug. I do have a few things coming, but the 'incoming' list pales in comparison to former times.
This is one record that I will be pre-ordering for sure though; the second volume of 'This Comp Kills Facists'. CD version on Relapse, which is ready to order now (via the link I just used), and double 12" out on Deep 6 Records in the near future. So many fucking good tracks on this comp so far. Listen to the Despise You, Kill The Client, Apt. 213, Brutal Truth and Owen Hart stuff. Kick yourself in the head. Extortion and QLD locals Septic Surge will also have stuff on here too. Very excited.

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the LACK OF INTEREST songs are so fucking good