Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking Out For You

Couple 7" records tonight. First up the Underdog 7" reissue that B9 has just done. I've never been crazy about this band, though live, they were impressive when I saw them last year in Chicago. I dunno, I just can't really get into them that much. This record is certainly still worth owning when it's only $9. Red vinyl. B9 also did gold vinyl, though they haven't released the pressing numbers yet.All OG artwork and layouts. Thanks fuck they didn't change anything dramatically like they did with the AF reissues, as this artwork is great. Typical era NYHC.
And this latest offering from the Fashionable Idiots label. The new 7" from Chicago's Manipulation. Black wax. Good, rough, fast hardcore from some of the dudes in Civic Progess and Chronic Seizure. That list should also give you an idea of how this sounds, though it's a bit more gruff.
Silk screened by-fold cover on really nice, matt, black cardstock. I don't own enough records with covers like this. FI continues to pump out good bands.

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