Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plague Grounds

Two months after my initial order was placed, I received my Painkiller stuff in the mail today. This is the first time the label has ever taken more than three weeks to get an order to me. No real good idea why it took such a while, though I'm hoping it was the shitty US postal system xmas backlog. Anyway, finally, it's in my possession, the New Lows Paincaves Sessions tape. I'm gonna say it, I was all over this band from the minute they released their first demo. Good to see such a good group getting the recognition they deserve.Of 300 copies. Two new tracks, a re-recorded number, and a Jerry's Kids cover. Bang. New LP on Deathwish this year.
And the new Force Fed '5 Song Ep'. Fast, pissed, straight edge hardcore, minus the cheese factor. They actually remind me alot of Knife Fight, hence probably why I posted about said band earlier.
Turquoise kind of wax with black smudge. No idea of the pressing.

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AboveSnakes said...

That 7" looks good the only thing I hate is gloss finish paper. Oils from your skin get all over that shit and then your screwed. New Lows demo is good too.