Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Pessimist

The day of pre-orders today. Two records, two Perth based bands. Need I tell you anything about this first one? Red wax, limited to 100 copies. I've secured a back version and I'm also trying to negotiate a test press. After a week of listening to the digital, I've decided that this rates within the top five Extortion releases for me, though there are four records that are better.
It's a 10" if you didn't already know.
And finally my Suffer/Pathetic Human split 7" arrived. Took too long to come, but I get along with Lewis, so it's all okay with me. Limited fruity pink vinyl of 100 copies again. 45 hole.
And both came with badges. Yeah, sweet, more useless badges to ad to the collection.
I do realise that I swing pretty far and wide on the proverbial 'stortion nut sack, I'm betting regulars of this blog have noticed it anyway, but in my defence, I have been swinging so since they released their s/t 7" the first time in 2005. Everything they've released so far I have paid standard dollar for (bar the limited green press of the s/t LP re-issue which I heard about oh too late, paid a somewhat silly amount to a local seller) as it's been released. It's not like I just jumped on this band in the last 18 months like so many seem to have. You just can't fault such a strong musical endeavor, an arguably flawless catalogue.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for extortion, we never would have met.

Tim said...

Damn you got yours before me and I live in Perth! Hopefully mine are on the way.