Monday, January 11, 2010

Social Inept

For people who are waiting on their Extortion Loose Screws 10" pre-orders to arrive, who can't seem to get their hands on the CD version to keep them entertained until the wax drops (or who want it RIGHT NOW, like me), the Australian i-tunes store now has the digital version available to download. Not sure if the American store will have it, but I guess you yankees can only try. It's certainly a new approach for the band, but it's still punching me in the face. Rohan's vocals sound somewhat different, but that may just be the mix.

I've contemplated uploading it for you all, but to be honest, at the end of the day, I'm just not punk enough. It'll be everywhere by the end of the month anyway.
Click the fruity little box.


Offsidealex said...

i pre order the 10" , hope to get it soon , very impacient to leason this effort of my favorite band....
I try to get tracks by itunes , doesn't work , perhaps because because i'm not australian , don't know...

up te punxxx

BBQ sauce and then some said...

yeah as far as i know dude, the australian store only works if you're in the country. try your own store maybe?