Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday night turd polishing.

Digital stuff that I'm digging this week (ie I don't have the vinyls yet), in no particular order:

Dry Rot- 'Phylistine': Haven't paid any attention to this band for a couple of years, then tonight, a friend of mine turned me onto this album. I don't really know what to say, the vocalist sounds so deranged. I have to get a hard copy of this now. Weirdo-babble shit.

Extortion- 'Loose Screws': Read previous post.

Baroness- 'Red Record': The hype machine wins again, but to be fair I haven't been able to get into their new 'Blue Record' as much as I have been digging on this earlier effort. Cool, ambient, rocked out doom.

Innumerable Forms: DFJ of Mind Eraser fame has a new death metal band, and he has a new 7" coming out soon. I think I heard somewhere that this is pretty much all just him. If it is, then his vocals are getting crazier still.

Wolves In The Throne Room- 'Black Cascade': Without talking too much shit, this is hipster black metal, but I do like it. I'll admit that I never really have paid too much attention to them before they announced their imminent Australian tour with Monarch in the coming months, but my roommate has been listening to them for years. Does that make me cool too?

I'm hopeful of wax posts on all previously mentioned stuff soon.

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