Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trash talk

Dudes using pictures of my records for their header box I can handle, but when they don't even bother to say 'wassup' or put me in their blog list, that's when I get miffed. Anyway, wassup Processing Loss?


Beau said...

that is fucking absurd, especially cos theres only two remotely rare records in that bunch.

BBQ sauce and then some said...

english blog, aussie record that im willing to bet a million dollars he hasnt heard there too. eh whatever, at least people are lurking my stuff.

Processing Loss said...


go on my blog look for 'where its due' explains all, a apology is due for the swipe of the photo. Sorry.

I take it when you say aussie record you mean the extortion upload? Mate anyone whos read a decent zine over then past two years will have heard of em, and thats goes for the uk too.

I actually didnt get the photo of your blog, I got it off another one hahaha. Im into your blog though and Ive linked you up.


Sean said...

NO BEEF AT ALL DUDE. your blog is actually quite good, im enjoying it. and when i refer to aussie stuff i dont mean extortion, im well aware of that bands popularity. i talk of the A.HC Compilation 7". it was sold in very limited numbers, and im pretty sure none left our shores.

Processing Loss said...

ahh fair one, Im sorry if what I wrote sounded harsh, I got a bad vibe of what you wrote. I hate mixed signals. hahah Im gonna borrow a camera soon and do my own. I do have a Aussie comp though, I think its called Newcastle hardcore or something.

Peace bro! Maybe when I come over and visit my Fam one day I'll look you up.