Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ward Of The State

I know that this demo is last years news, and I know that it's been hyped on an endless list of good hardcore blogs in the last few months, including this very piece-a-shit right here, but tonight, for good reason I like to believe, I wanna drop some kind words about the Vaccine demo. This is the demo of 2009, if not the best release period. I would assume that most people who read this blog already know about this band, but if you are reading this, and you don't know about these guys I strongly advise that you take notice of this group of sonic maniacs. Especially if you like bands like No Comment, Infest, Extortion, or Low Threat Profile. Fuck, even if you're not into any of those groups I want you to hear this stuff. Fast, pissed off, often somewhat techincal, straight edge PV influenced hardcore. It doesn't get any better than this in any modern incarnation. They self released this demo on pro tape of 100 copies in the beginning of the 0-9, then not long after Red Room Records pushed out the one sided 7" version with 100 on clear and 200 on black. I managed to get a hold of a black copy while they were still widely available, but the tape I was never so lucky. I have bid on it twice on eBay over the last six weeks, only to be beaten out both times. Most recently it went for $40+ American. Not joking. I want this tape though, bad. Lets hope they keep the ball rolling with these shits. The demo is way too short... two minutes. I seriously listened to it 25 times tonight in a row. I need moar.

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