Sunday, September 16, 2012


Picked this one up at the same time as last night's post fodder. This is the second EP from Chicago's Manipulation, simply titled "2". Black vinyl on Sorry State Records. This originally came out in 2010, and was kind of on my "to get" list, if just to check the band out really. Their first 7" which I made a very brief post about back in 2010 didn't really get me massively excited, I think in part due to the thin sounding recording, so I always kind of hoped that this would be better. It is I guess. The mastering is much louder which makes it more interesting, but the band are still playing the same kind of flat, singular approach to outsider hardcore, akin to the majority of their label's roster. Take it or leave it I think, this would certainly please fans of a heap of Sorry State and No Way! records bands, maybe even some less wanky Youth Attack acts.

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