Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Try and count all of the genuine USHC styled bands coming out of the UK at the moment and I dare say you'd struggle to use all 10 fingers on both hands. Of that number though, just about every single one of them is pulling off a pretty on point, accurate approach. Case in point today; The Flex from Leeds with their demo tape. Now these guys are picking up a bit of attention at the moment with American tape label, Bleeding Edges having just produced a new edition of this demo, but this tape to my knowledge has been out for a few months at least now. This version here is from the band produced dub from earlier in the year. Boston is the flavour here and it's rich at to say the least. Mid to fast paced jams with a gruff vocalist out front groaning about the various societal and social quandaries that he obviously feels at odds with. The recording is what helps this thing along really. Just a good, simple, genuine sounding production sans any silly bells and whistles. A solid sound that makes the stomp bits good! I suspect this band will cop a good amount of hype over the next 12 months.

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